38 : hanging out at the rally

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Here are a few pictures of my awesome, adorable, fabulous, ass-kicking posse sitting on the Mall eating nuts and berries and watching the rally.

Jack, Jessie, Jesi and Maggie. And a cool-looking puppet behind Maggie's head. Note Jesi on the phone... she's probably trying to make a call and failing. ;)

Aren't they just so effing cute? Yeah, well you wouldn't be so quick to say so if you'd heard her screaming back at the fanatical pro-lifers towards the end of the March. We're bigger than you. We're going to beat you. That's what she said. Awesome.

And there's Laura and Maggie, who did very well when I asked them to lean over and make silly faces. The rally is starting to wind down now, and we're all very tired.