28 : flipping off a counter-protestor

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So, I know it looks like Tiff's really angry at the Washington Monument, but what she's actually flipping off is a sign calling us all "wicked Jezebels". Because we were all in motion, someone had walked between Tiff and the sign in question before my picture took.

Alack. It was a cool picture.

Up until this point, I would have been disturbed by the flip-off. I mean, I think there's an opportunity for us to have a reasonable discussion on the issue of abortion - not at a protest, certainly, but that doesn't mean we need to scream angry things at each other.

There were pro-lifers earlier on the path who just stood there holding signs about family and love; I disagreed with them, but I didn't feel a need to yell. By this point, though, we'd started encountering people whose signs and bullhorns were calling us killers and Jezebels (dude, does anyone even use that word anymore?) and raining hell down upon us. These people are irrational, and they came to attack us, not to make their voices heard, but to attack us.

So, we were angry. I wish I'd have gotten a picture of what Tiff was flipping off.



I understand your frustration at losing the shot, but in terms of composition, the juxtaposition of the Monument and the Finger of Democracy has a sort of classic feel to it, as well as similar lines.

Posted by: Kell at April 27, 2004 10:24 AM