October 28, 2003 03:48 PM

I've been in the same job for about two years now. It is, other than jobs that lasted incrementally all through college, the longest I've ever stayed at the same job, with the same manager, in the same location.

And today. I am leaving.

I am moving to a new job, in a new location, with a new manager. At the same company, but there you have it. I hate change. I had to get to a point where I felt truly stymied by my job to finally leave it, even though I looked around and talked to quite a lot of people for a long time before.

Of course. Like your hair on the day of a hair appointment, the old job hasn't been so terrible for the month I've been transitioning out of it. I feel so much more positive about everything. I even feel positive that I might have finally been promoted, now that everyone seems to realize I rock. I can recognize my teammates strengths and weaknesses and still continue to like them.

And I'm leaving.

I'm actually not officially leaving leaving until Friday - and actually, I'll still officially report to the same manager for like a month - but all my stuff is being moved to a new location tonight. People kept coming by all day to say goodbye. I'll have to write a bright, professional sounding "thanks for the memories" to all the people I've worked with, as I already did do for my project team.

So I feel a little sad.

And a little worried. Worried that I won't rock as completely at the new job; everyone at old job thinks I rock most sincerely. That I'm working with a whole bunch of the sort of women who wear high heels with pants (despite the fact that I am, today, wearing heels with pants, I am not that sort of woman - these heels are really chunky!). That I'm dealing with a whole new organization I don't know. That I only have a defined job for a year, and I don't know what comes after that. That I won't get my perhaps well-deserved promotion (though I will still get my perhaps well-deserved raise and the bonus I plan to spend rather frivolously). That I made the decision to take the new job on too little information, or too quickly.

Rather unusual for me - both to make a decision too quickly and to worry about it afterwards.

Anyway, I made the decision to change based on the fact that I rocked too easily now, and I want to learn more in my field, and more about the company, and things like that. All things that are undoubtedly more true about new job than old job, even if the other women all wear silly shoes all the time. It really was a good decision. It really will be a good move. Good for me. An eat-your-veggies sort of move (in that it's both tasty and good for me).

I don't even know what I'm whining about.

I guess it's just - leaving.

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