fabulous exhausting weekend
April 25, 2003 01:23 PM

So, I've been meaning to take this down all week, and it's Friday, and it's still not taken down, and it's ended up the sort of week that leaves you with sentences strung together by conjunction after conjunction, and you're breathless.


I've had a very busy week at work, for which I was compensated with a laptop (that, actually, has no relationship whatsoever to this week specifically - as anyone who ever purchased anything in the context of a very big company will know). Yes. Work. Very busy. Laptop. Can now work anywhere, nearly. Joy.

Started calling it "puppy". Don't know why.


Last weekend was exhausting. In a good way. There was fun and good food and environment to be had. I saw two very excellent shows. One where the environment was even pleasant. Good club? Bad club? I think we'll avoid the latter from here on.

There was astounding shopping; we drove up to something called a shoppingtown (no space, one word) in Maryland. I'm not sure what makes the shoppingtown unlike any other mall except, perhaps, being in posh suburban Maryland. And. It has a Torrid, which is Hot Topic's idea of a mecca for fat teenagers. Not so much the teens, but a mecca of sorts. Also possibly the most attractive sales staff any such store can offer.

Continued the marriage conversation that I've been having with a friend basically since she almost got married. Sparked the shocking realization that not everyone views television as ambience; many people in fact, view television. Who knew?

Was reminded of my fondness for Ethopian food, which we never eat, and of the night long ago when Jerry Brown was running for president and I met Ralph Nader, who was not, at the time, spouting off about corporations owning our genes in that italicized and captitalized way Ralph has. The sky is falling!

The sky is not falling. Not today.

And I'm really rather tired.

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