troglodytes everywhere
June 19, 2001 02:29 PM

Tomb Raider is a terrible movie. It's only redeeming quality is that the chick really does stand on her own. Presuming you can disregard her over-sized, game-imitative body. She is, vaguely, a model of womanly independence. Nevermind that this redemption is an accidental result of poorly drawn, generally ineffectual, male characters. Not exactly the call to arms you were looking for.

Is this why some men find feminism so frightening? Because most images of stand-on-her-own women in the media are highlighted by, or a result of, comparing these women to more-or-less useless men?

No. Probably not.

More likely, men (and women, honestly) fear feminism because it's about hatred. Feminists hate men. And all women who aren't exactly like us. In fact, if you are not me, you cannot be a feminist because I hate you.

Someone, somewhere, will search for "feminist+hatred" and read that statement completely without irony. So be it. Really, sometimes it's exhausting to be a Great Feminist Representative. To respond to others' ignorance or stupidity with information instead of emotion.

I'm tired today. Tired of people who think you have to pass some sort of initiation to be a feminist. Tired of other people who think men are all bad and promote this as a feminist agenda, and even more tired of people who want to assume that being pissed off means you hate everyone vaguely associated with the thing that pissed you off. And really, really tired of trying to calmly explain things.

Let's get one thing straight. I'm not going to say it again, kids. Hating the fucked up way the world is doesn't mean hating the world.


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