January 23, 2003 04:16 PM

I am. In pain.

Or. Maybe I'm just a whiner.

In any case, I appear to have pulled a muscle yesterday. Not quite my whole hamstring, but that area behind the knee. It hurts. Ow. Meep. And such.

I indulge in all sorts of odd and contorted movements. I'm flexible. And I only seem to manage to injure myself while standing and walking. I clearly don't pay enough attention to my body when using it for average purposes.

I am, not suprisingly, desperately hoping the knee will heal itself quickly. The prospect of a visit to the doctor is just so insulting. I have yet to find a primary doctor who actually believes what I say about my life. Except for one really lovely doc at the Patient First, of all places. You wouldn't expect sensitive medical care from the hospital equivalent of McDonald's. But you might still get it.

This isn't actually a fat chick rant. I mean, yes, I think fat people might loathe doctoring more than others, but the thing is - doctors have a tendency to disregard patient-given information no matter what size or shape the patient. I suspect most doctors don't even notice that they're blatantly disregarding their patients' opinions. The fat thing just adds an extra element - since so many things are obviously (please note the sarcasm) caused by fat, a fat person could conceivably go into a doctor's office and get blamed for a wide range of potential ailments.

And if you're not fat? Well, you may well still be blamed for whatever you came in to have fixed. Or better yet, you may be massively overtreated.

In any case, I try to only visit basic doctors (none of this rant actually applies to specialists, at least not in my experience) when I'm well and prepared to defend myself against any potential stupidity on their part.

So. Because I'm in pain and it's not unbearable, I'm loathe to see a doctor. And so I'm still in pain.

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