October 22, 2002 10:50 AM

I'll be thirty in three years.

I'm looking forward to it.

So, because it sounds like fun, because my last entry was a little - shall we say - whiny, and because Mal did something like it, here are thirty things I'd like to do before I'm thirty.

In no particular order.

1. Learn to play the accordion.
2. Write a marketing plan.
3. Own a really good digital camera.
4. Go back to New York.
5. Successfully buy a car (okay, this is really more of a have to than a want to, but...)
6. Re-learn to play the harp.
7. Start in on that MBA.
8. Build a guerilla-style theatrical lighting system.
9. Learn to print posters (and get materials for same).
10. Produce at least one short film. With good lighting. Edit it digitally.
11. Be able to do the tribal dance thing where you shake your hips while moving from a standing to a crouched position.
12. Learn to do shoulder stands.
13. Organize my closet.
14. Catalog all the books in the library (that could be a spare bedroom if we didn't have so many books).
15. See at least one play so good it makes me cry.
16. Like what I see in the mirror every day.
17. Stop looking in the mirror anyway.
18. Learn to speak passable Japanese.
19. Get my PMP certification.
20. Dance regularly.
21. Wear out my swimsuit. Metaphorically speaking.
22. Write something so good I want to carry it around in my wallet.
23. Honestly, 100% quit the smoking habit.
24. Create a site design I love so much I don't ever want to redesign.
25. Learn to use Flash for good, not evil.
26. Make a regular habit of going outside to paint.
27. Have matching furniture in my bedroom.
28. Take at least one minibreak a year.
29. Turn the collab into a real community site.
30. Publish a print zine.

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