they got the mustard out!
October 1, 2002 07:52 AM

This typing into a computer thing. It's communication pared down to its absolute essence.

Problem is.

None of us know this.

Non datemi canzoni
Datemi un motivo per cantare
Ho bisogno di un motivo per cantare

You can now find the lyrics to the Buffy musical in Italian. It's opera. Which is the opposite. Opera is communication elaborated to its absolute essence. Ditto musical theatre. That is. Good opera, good musical theatre.

Someone left me a note that was essentially a coded message. And this made me think. This is exactly what email is best for. Writing in code. Or more, symbols to the heart.

I can't possibly use enough words to make my real meaning appear. And so I say things that aren't really worth saying. And I speak in a voice that sounds more or less like the other voices. Except to you, the few who know and can see the tone of voice, the way I leap over words that excite me.

By I, I mean you and me both.

So we speak in an entirely different sort of code. We turn the words visual and strangely with less meaning. How can a word picture contain less than a word? We become those printed page poets with their spiral shaped poems that don't really convey anymore than the words contained therein and the image of yourself reading, rotating the book line by line.

Not that the image is evil. The image can speak. It can be static opera.

It just isn't always.

And I want to speak in essentials.

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