the grand imperial
September 17, 2002 09:56 AM

I am going to start a band and call it the tragically unhip. It will be spelled with all lowercase letters, so when you write about coming to see us play, no one will know if you're talking about our band our just our vast dorkiness.

We will sound neither like nor pointedly unlike the Tragically Hip, despite the fact that, in my opinion, they suck. Maybe we'll avert that issue and just call ourselves the vast dorkiness.

I will play the accordion and dance on stage.

There will be costumes involved.

Which reminds me that I had this brilliant idea as I was leaving my put-together-the-science-fair project meeting last night. Which was (the idea was): the play we are working on is about the media. Yes? Yes. And it's funny. So, what if it is literally (well, visually) a media circus?

No one will get it but me. But you know? That's okay.

I'm thinking about the circus because I decided that I needed to relearn how to juggle scarves. It's very easy. So easy that I once was able to do all sorts of cute little artistic la la la's while throwing scarves in the air. No tumbling though, just la la la's.

I'm thinking about the circus because when we were in the District [DC-dwellers, you need to get tragically unhip and start referring to your hometown as the District. It is just so fabulously perfectly pretentious in that District way. I know you. You live off Dupont Circle and you can't even have a meal in public without waxing philosophical about NGO's. You are so cute.] I saw some three-D cirque de soleil action, mostly sad but there was a part with shoulders standing on shoulders. And I said. I want to do that.

So now my lower back feels all funky from this strengthening exercise I'm doing so that in a year or six month or however long I'll be able to do this crazy shoulder stand.

And then I can be in the circus.

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