ten things
June 24, 2002 09:12 AM

An assignment from dyke write: ten things I am and ten things I am not. Am not's are in purple.

A control freak. More than most people. More than most people who'd call themselves control freaks, even.
Patient. Able to stand in lines. Willing to tolerate bad service, unprofessionalism or general idiocy.
Very concerned about my hair. Slightly vain. Likely to stop in front of any mirror.
A pawn of marketing and diet/fashion industries. I said I was vain, not that I was particularly fashionable and/or stupid.
Happily fat (generally).
Unhealthy (generally).
Self-righteous and strongly convicted.
Unwilling to change an opinion if you can offer a stronger argument to counter it.
Possessed of a better than average sense of space and movement.
Able to learn movement from books.
A voracious, if not indiscriminate, reader. A faster reader than most people I know.
Likely to remember plot details from a book or movie I experienced six months ago. Or less.
Very much a feminist.
Most of the things feminists are stereotyped as being. Though I like a lot of women who are.
Diplomatic, friendly and positive at work (one of those "pleasure to work with" people).
Diplomatic in any other situation. Me speak with big mouth, offend many.
White. Not in a white-bread way (though that's not completely untrue). Porcelain-colored.
The outdoors type. I do not camp. I do not hike. I will, however, play on the water.

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