neatly and prettily waiting
June 12, 2002 12:12 PM

I waited for weeks (two) as I moved everything from one server to another. Waited to post anything new, even a word that would mean the May twenty-fifth backup was not the final end all of content. I waited. So we could be free, running wild with our eight million bytes of content.

And then it all went pop, and I just changed the name pointing back here and settled in again.

Except I don't feel settled.

You can depend so much on these silly things. To think. The absense of a domain for a few weeks, or of email addresses for days can just turn you useless. I feel displaced.

I have also been so fully indoctrinated by liberal political thought that I can barely use the word "displaced" to describe my feeling.

Still, it describes the feeling.

I am also moving (my corporeal/physical being, a boy and two cats) in three days. Three days! A new empty space. An old space filled with much more than I can imagine moving, or even owning. So much.

And here, in this town, your identity is tied to where you live. This or that side of the river. This or that side of the highway. Moving is uprooting your whole self. If you believe the conventional wisdom, that is.

I'm waiting.

I'm a displaced person.

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