work. play.
April 19, 2002 10:37 AM

There are entirely too many things to be done.

We took pictures yesterday for the play. For the poster, specifically. I need to take them and manipulate them and make them into a poster. I hope it works. And then I need to put them someplace for the boy for his portfolio. And on the web, for the show. Because every good poster needs a website address printed upon it, and I'm now one domain richer ( sounds like a good theatrical site, too).

Rehearsals. Movement. Detail. I need details.

And then there's actually putting metaphorical pen to metaphorical paper to produce the design idea I've been dwelling upon for the design group site. It'll be really intriguing, assuming it gets done.

And then there are lines to be learned. A semi-job application to fill out and tests to take for a possible slight employment change. A performance to attend. Groceries we haven't bought. Apartments to look at. A zine which needs an entirely new backend. And a new issue. A new topic for the collab project to be posted, and, as a result, more feminist actions to take. A possible server move for not one, but all of my domains. A set of photos of my feet to be put up, maybe in a whole new "photoessay" way. Dogs to be supervised while the parents visit their new house for a weekend. Friends to visit. And...

I have a lot of work to do.

Work. Work. Work. All these things have to happen outside the time allotted for work. Work in a conventional sense, that is. All these things have to happen after the hustle and bustle, the nine to five, the whatever you want to call it.

I've chosen these things, though. Not one of these things, not even the hustle-bustle-nine-to-five, is not of my own conception. Many of them are things that only an itty number of people care about, and many more have deadlines I've imposed upon myself.

These are the things I want to do. And I will do them.

I think this is why, despite my high-strung and worry-prone nature, I manage to remain relatively without stress. Most of the time. Because, in a way, nearly everything I do is actually play.

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