no, it's awful
March 12, 2002 10:35 AM

I caught myself feeling smarter than everyone earlier.

Particularly ironic because someone else essentially said that of herself, that she was smarter than everyone, and I found it irritating and bratty. I'm fairly sure I, and several other people I know, are smarter than she. So it wasn't the arrogance so much as the untruth of it that made it irritating. Unless she's secretly much more clever than she lets on.

And what dictates "smart", anyway?

That's an argument often held up by people who aren't confident in their own brains. There are different kinds of brains, they say. Everyone is equally gifted in her own way. Et cetera.

Probably true.

I've grown up, but I'm still an arrogant ass. Except that I feel sorry for feeling smarter. And I feel trivial for noticing. But when I try to talk to you, and I spell things out, and you still fail to get it. I do feel smarter than you.

And it's really not that great.

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