i'm in a mood.
February 7, 2002 07:34 AM

What makes a bad day even better (in a sort of spread me out over a couple of days way) is the natural human tendency to be completely self-absorbed.

All the people who were bothering me at work are eclipsed by the other people who think I am their queen. Well, not quite. But good feedback is disarming, has a way of throwing you off your righteously angry game.

For the first time in. Oh, in months.

Work is good.

Shhhh. Don't tell anyone.

We're all self-centered. Try to say it without the sneer. It's true, you know it, and it's not a flaw. Just a fact.

And me. I'm sadly self-censoring. Why: the usual unwelcome overreactive utterly dense reader story. People who think they know you should be stuck in the tarball when you download greymatter (or whatever else you use). In short, I suppose it comes with this. This half-public life.

Anyhow, it's ironic. That no one ever gets angry for the things I say that are actually about them. But they have such talents for picking out and twisting things with no bearing.

People are silly.

And one of you should know. I don't mean you; you're still welcome.

And one of you should know. I mean you. Go away.

That said, let's move on.

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