the words you chose
January 14, 2002 07:39 AM

Domains that are phrases.

I like them. I've been leafing through the greymatter donators list in an effort to find some sort of brilliant connection with a community.

And I wonder.

Why did you pick that certain set of words? Noun and adjective pair, poetic. The sentence, declarative. Commanding. Quoted lyrics and snips of thoughts. Or even just one, extraordinary, made up even, word.

I like the ones whose looks are all about type. The ones who chose, not words, but shapes of words first. Say something else through those. More poetry than prose.

And I suspect.

A lot of these words are accidents. Their shapes and sounds and meanings are from something someone told you once. I still find them somehow telling. They are telling. But telling in a sense of glances, blinks and raised eyebrows. They evoke.

And I like guessing.

I like imagining what the string means before I click and follow. The color and timbre of what you left on the other side. The whole what did you do that for? of it. Waiting for it to happen with my hands on the keyboard. I like the internet.

And I like you for being it.

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