bust magazine
i confess, i mostly buy bust for the ads - it's a great place to shop
[added on 08/13/02]

calontir trim
sca merchant who sells... well, ribbon, basically. really really cool ribbon.
[added on 02/28/05]

charis books
excellent atlanta-based feminist bookstore. they ship.
[added on 01/02/03]

daddy o's
vintagesque rockabilly clothes and accessories; ubercute.
[added on 02/28/03]

excellent resource for anyone shopping for a car (used or new)
[added on 02/18/03]

exquisite lass
eleanor sells these adorable doll clothes that are actually practical enough to incorporate into your life - she's also just incredibly nice, and clearly works hard on every little detail
[added on 10/18/03]

girl props
do you remember those insane plastic charm bracelets and necklaces from the eighties? girl props sells them. nuff said.
[added on 10/16/03]

high class cho
slutty shiny clothes for average girls. small size range, but exciting concept.
[added on 10/16/03]

hula source
excellent polynesian dance source - for everything from videos and dance props to goofy party favors
[added on 10/08/03]

j jill
nice place for really soft work clothes, but even the sale prices are sometimes unreasonable.
[added on 08/14/02]

lane bryant
i buy work clothes here, because it's easy, even if their things are built for amazons. i have to caution you, though, that their overseas manufacturing practices have been called into question.
[added on 08/14/02]

moana nui designs
maori bone carvings with symbolic meaning
[added on 12/21/04]

mode merr
while the crazy cute doll bras get a lot of press, i am personally in love with the pencil skirts with wacky appliques vinyl (pink elephants! strawberries!)
[added on 10/18/03]

my baby jo
40s and 50s style clothing (mostly from stop staring). in sizes up to what most would consider a 16-18.
[added on 08/10/04]

naughty secretary club
handmade, revamped, vintage and just generally cool accessories and stuff.
[added on 07/19/04]

jewelry and home stuff fairly traded from around the world. if you visit via the hunger site, your purchase helps buy food.
[added on 03/21/03]

makers of some of the only skin care products suitable for my fragile little skin.
[added on 09/14/02]

persephone plus
adorable custom-made velvet dresses and such; frivolous and a little pricey, but nice to look at.
[added on 09/14/02]

pink kitty star zine distro
predominantly feminist zine distro
[added on 08/14/02]

red envelope
as online gift shopping goes, they're fabulous. perfect when you need things to be perfect.
[added on 02/04/04]

rose mortem
once bought a beautiful dress here
[added on 08/13/02]

size appeal
collection of different clothing brands for fat women
[added on 11/13/02]

so what if?
half fashion advice for fat teens, half store filled with cute, stylish clothes
[added on 11/13/02]

sock dreams
better socks than anywhere else, including actually cool over the knee socks that fat folk can wear
[added on 12/28/04]

stella mars
postcards for the loopy feminist in you
[added on 08/22/02]

funky stationary and other paper stuff
[added on 08/14/02]

superhero designs
pretty, funky handmade bead jewels made from recycled vintage stuff; my superhero necklace is one of my favorite accessories.
[added on 07/19/04]

ten thousand villages
this world handicrafts store with an emphasis on fair trade and sustainable development is one of my favorite places to buy gifts; the website isn't shoppable, but look for one of their stores around you.
[added on 03/21/03]

the body shop
we buy most of our yummy smelling bath goods here, and we smell nice.
[added on 10/14/02]

the red kitchen
so, it's not shopping exactly, but it's better than buying a cookbook - trk.net is a group recipe blog that i've used several times when i'm in the mood for a new food idea.
[added on 02/27/03]

torrid is hot topic's cuter fat sister - great fun clothes
[added on 08/13/02]

wacky jac
adorable undies, but not in enough sizes - my butt's about as big as they'll stretch
[added on 08/13/02]

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