a collection of articles that challenge common assumptions about the way your body is held together (based on buckminster fuller's tensegrity concept); a nerdy good time.
[added on 02/28/05]

body positive
a good source for people new to size acceptance and the concept of "healthy at any/every size"
[added on 07/26/04]

clubbell / circular strength training
this site needs a "please ignore the hokey martial arts marketing" warning on the first page, and the nutrition forum is proof that guys get eating disorders, too. those things aside, i've seen noticeable improvement in my daily strength through my clubbell training. i highly recommend it. just ignore the other stuff.
[added on 01/26/04]

extension yoga
insights into the real usefulness of yoga practice, with an emphasis on the "moving towards" thinking that i prefer in yoga instruction
[added on 02/28/05]

fat chance belly dance
a size-positive dance troupe & school; they also produce a series of videotapes (including one excellent workout tape) so you can get started in tribal dance if you can't find an instructor.
[added on 11/13/02]

go animal
theory and exercise based on the physicality of the human animal
[added on 02/14/04]

henrico parks & rec
i take a belly dance class through local parks & recreations; no matter where you live, there are probably some cool (and cheap) classes available at your city/county recreational facilities.
[added on 06/26/04]

hula source
excellent polynesian dance source - for everything from videos and dance props to goofy party favors
[added on 10/08/03]

lj body positive community
a livejournal community (which i moderate) for people to discuss health and body image without focusing on weight loss as a goal
[added on 07/26/04]

radiant recovery
please note that i DO NOT support the "your last diet" attitude of this site. but, if you get past the marketing & diet lingo, there are some things here that will be a huge help if you have problems with sugar in your diet.
[added on 06/26/04]

stumptuous weight training
one of the better sites on weight training that actually cater to women. sometimes a little too genderish, but really good otherwise.
[added on 10/21/04]

one of many components of the russian martial arts system my partner studies, beginner-level zdorovye & warrior wellness are useful for anyone trying to recover and build on mobility and grace.
[added on 07/26/03]

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