the international academy of middle eastern dance - most useful for their dance videos and music
[added on 10/21/04]

public. urban. ritual. experience. it's bellydancers actually making political art. rock.
[added on 03/22/05]

belly roll
beautiful kaleidoscope skirts
[added on 02/18/05]

black sheep belly dance
dance troupe run by the woman who wrote the cool-looking "tribal bible"
[added on 10/21/04]

blue moon belly dance
tribal troupe in north carolina
[added on 10/27/04]

home of the annual "beach blanket beledi"
[added on 10/27/04]

dalia carella
i know of carella only through her dunyavi gypsy dance video (which is a good time), her company looks intriguing
[added on 10/21/04]

dc tribal
a collective of tribal fusion belly dancers in/around dc
[added on 10/29/04]

fat chance belly dance
a size-positive dance troupe & school; they also produce a series of videotapes (including one excellent workout tape) so you can get started in tribal dance if you can't find an instructor.
[added on 11/13/02]

flying skirts
the home of american tribal style dance costuming, gorgeous skirts and belts for dancers or wacky hippies.
[added on 10/12/04]

goddess garden
sells some interesting face jewelry and the rare full-coverage choli top.
[added on 01/02/05]

gothic belly dance
while it's not exactly my thing, the goth bellydancers always seem sooooo cool.
[added on 10/26/04]

gypsy caravan
northwest us-based tribe of dancers; they have an excellent video series
[added on 01/13/05]

hula source
excellent polynesian dance source - for everything from videos and dance props to goofy party favors
[added on 10/08/03]

infusion tribal
seattle dance company that just looks like the neatest dance troupe evah. and i know from neat.
[added on 10/26/04]

judith's head
custom built tassel belts and clothes and stuff for bellydancers
[added on 01/20/05]

mahea uchiyama
has done a couple of quite useful tahitian dance instructional videos and runs a very cool dance company
[added on 10/21/04]

merrie monarch
huuuuge annual hula festival
[added on 10/27/04]

middle eastern dance
a bit like a practical encyclopedia of belly dance, this site is filled with little bits of useful info.
[added on 10/12/04]

they sell zils (finger cymbals) and coins for bellydance, including exceptionally pretty and light ones for beginners - seriously, i totally couldn't play zils until i got these
[added on 10/21/04]

scherazade imports
local bellydance import shop run by one of my dance teachers
[added on 10/21/04]

sharon moore
aka mandala tribal - seattle tribal dance instructor and generally smart writer.
[added on 10/26/04]

a southwestern va company i stumbled upon online; particularly interesting as they seem to have a polynesian influence
[added on 10/27/04]

belly dance product reviews, tips, random articles, listings of teachers.
[added on 10/12/04]

snake hips
a book only vaguely about belly dancing, this is an entertaining "chick book" that is very much set in my home town. i could relate to the transformative power of belly dance (a strong undercurrent in the book)
[added on 12/23/02]

tahiti fete
annual u.s. tahitian dance competion
[added on 10/27/04]

the henna girl
see the galleries for some quite stunning mehndi/henna patterns
[added on 03/22/05]

pacific dance site with educational materials
[added on 10/08/03]

tribal belly dance (dot org)
currently a really basic but well-written set of "what is tribal dance" articles and links
[added on 10/26/04]

unmata/world dance craft
a tribal fusion group with a hula/polynesian influence; i haven't seen them live, but their costumes are amazing
[added on 01/21/05]

urban turban
purveyors of some neato yarn fringe belts
[added on 03/22/05]

velvet peacock
posh velvet dancewear in moody colors. effing gorgeous.
[added on 02/28/05]

women of selket
local rva bellydance troupe; known for their more ethnic/authentic reproductions of middle eastern dance
[added on 08/26/04]

the bellydance magazine everyone recommends (presumably everyone can't be wrong)
[added on 10/21/04]

the gallery on zanbanka's site is a great source for variations in costume - and especially face marking - variations for tribal dance
[added on 11/21/04]

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