abortion rights activist group, also one of the most beautiful activist sites you'll find.
[added on 04/11/03]

the rape, abuse & incest national network - one of the strongest resources on sexual abuse and assault
[added on 12/23/02]

abortion access project
focused on providing accurate information about abortion as a health care issue, not a political or moral stigma
[added on 04/11/03]

all things girl
zine for women of art
[added on 08/22/02]

cultural critique and personal insight
[added on 08/13/02]

bitch magazine
one of the finest feminist zines around
[added on 08/13/02]

bloodsisters project
best described as "menstrual activism"
[added on 04/11/03]

body icon
a master's thesis about the pursuit of beauty
[added on 08/24/02]

infrequently published, but worth waiting for
[added on 08/13/02]

charis books
excellent atlanta-based feminist bookstore. they ship.
[added on 01/02/03]

diary of a feminist
a webring for feminists with journals & blogs
[added on 08/13/02]

i'm furious that people have to compromise their beliefs just to be able to go to the doctor--how fucked is that?
[added on 08/15/02]

emi's one of the fabulous radicals who keep us moving
[added on 08/13/02]

i've loved every project from meade - this is one of my favorites
[added on 08/13/02]

fabulous feminist culture mag
[added on 08/13/02]

feminist blogs
a consolidated view of the many many feminists in the blogosphere
[added on 11/29/04]

feminist mothers of sons
collab for feminists raising sons - (one for daughters has now started, too)
[added on 08/13/02]

feminist recommended reading
the staff and readers of we have brains maintain a running list of feminist books and sites to visit
[added on 11/18/02]

feminist stripper
because eroticism is a form of power
[added on 08/13/02]
a virtual encyclopedia of feminism
[added on 08/13/02]

i need this site to challenge my ideas (debate strengthens your convictions)
[added on 08/13/02]

young women are rarely given the opportunity to speak on their own behalf on issues that affect their lives and futures. feministing provides a platform for us to comment, analyze and influence.
[added on 04/27/04]

gender education & advocacy
transgender rights-defense and advocacy organization
[added on 04/11/03]

girl press
publisher dedicated to producing smart books for girls (most of which are great reads even for us grownup girls)
[added on 11/13/02]

guerilla girls
your self-appointed cultural conscience
[added on 08/13/02]
well-rounded author, blogger, eroticist and neat person
[added on 12/06/02]

home alive
seattle-based group that educates against violence through music, self-defense, and acts of civil disobedience
[added on 04/11/03]

one of the best resources on third-wave feminism - thorough (though not without its own stereotypes) and gives appropriate nods to the second wave. it actually comes close to bridging the gap between "waves" (which i personally feel are more of a media-friendly convention), but falls slightly short in that area.
[added on 12/23/02]

canadian feminist community
[added on 08/13/02]

men web
spiritual home of the men's movement - lots of robert bly & james hillman articles; difficult to navigate, but a really solid research site
[added on 08/13/02]

men's activism
primarily a news and discussion forum on political issues of gender
[added on 10/28/03]

mother millennia
collection of mom stories
[added on 08/13/02]

mother tongue
d.c.-based feminist poetry collective; sponsors many events and maintains a nicely informative website (for those not in d.c.).
[added on 12/23/02]

used to be a favorite print zine - haven't seen a new one in ages
[added on 08/13/02]

always relevant
[added on 08/13/02]

ms. musings
a daily commentary from ms. magazine. generally informative and entertaining; not as given to repeating memes as other blogs.
[added on 12/06/02]

my vagina
all about one woman's vagina
[added on 08/13/02]

national organization of women
now remains one of the foremost women's organizations, at least in the US.
[added on 04/11/03]

there are ways to deal without violence. and its time that we do.
[added on 08/13/02]

... i'm interested in helping to recover women's contributions that have not been accounted for in history as well as exploring the factors that enabled them (or did not enable them) to assume authority and speak out
[added on 04/09/03]

she made this
women who make things
[added on 08/13/02]

she net
a network of interesting women's sites - unfortunately peppered with ads, but we'll forgive that since they said nice things about the whb collab
[added on 08/14/02]

soapbox girls
former zine and general source of blogging excitement
[added on 08/13/02]

the rape blog
news and commentary on all forms of sexual violence portrayed in the media
[added on 09/12/02]

the red spot
menstrual history and fun
[added on 08/13/02]

third wave foundation
US-based grant-maker and education resource for young feminists and activists
[added on 04/11/03]

usually left / unsaid
this has something to do with "feminism", the word, being stolen by the ultraconservs and redefined as an insult, and supposedly dead.
[added on 09/20/02]

utopian hell
this blog is about the machine. it's about stopping it... or at least slowing it.
[added on 08/17/04]

vagina verite
a fine combination of art and feminist research project
[added on 08/13/02]

vipe girl
breezy and insighful look at body image
[added on 08/16/02]

we have brains
collaborative discussion site for feminists (and other interested parties). run by me!
[added on 01/11/03]

what she said
a collection of left-ish blogs by women, for the next time someone asks "where are all the WOMEN of blogging"
[added on 11/29/04]

women in print
a movement to support independent feminist bookstores, authors and publishers
[added on 01/06/03]

women's history zine
e-zine focused on women who've played significant roles in the past
[added on 04/09/03]

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