any body
a UK-based activism project aimed at correcting representations of women to show a wider range of size
[added on 07/27/04]

big fat blog
all the best fat news & action, usually long before any other site
[added on 08/13/02]

bodies out of bounds
an excellent collection of semi-academic essays on fat as a form of transgression; both provoking and reassuring.
[added on 01/06/03]

born squishy
the worst book i've ever read. ever. it was fab.
[added on 08/13/02]

don't tell me what size i must be
insanely active yahoo group for fat and fat-friendly people. it's peppered with politics, shopping tips, advice, and all things fat and newsworthy.
[added on 05/28/03]

i'm a little disturbed by what appears to me to be complete ignorance of how privilege works
[added on 12/11/02]

fat & feisty
these stories make me cry. and they make me angry. and they make me wonder why more people aren't angry, and just how many angry people it would take to make some changes.
[added on 04/11/03]

fat bottomed girls
sometimes quiet, sometimes brilliantly eloquent. worth a stop or two.
[added on 12/11/02]

fat girl breakdown
a zine from kickass young fattie feminists
[added on 08/13/02]

community site born of the zine (and later book)
[added on 08/13/02]

fatty patties
a shared journal about women kicking expectations in the head
[added on 08/13/02]

freak rights
home of a wide variety of funky fabulous shite.
[added on 07/03/03]
well-rounded author, blogger, eroticist and neat person
[added on 12/06/02]

international size acceptance association
slightly less official-seeming and more political than naafa
[added on 08/13/02]

largely positive
beyond the pastel colors and self-help lingo, you'll find a site jammed with useful information and possibly even inspiration.
[added on 07/07/03]

the official fat acceptance folk
[added on 08/14/02]

no faux(xx)
half-naked regular-sized punkass women. need i say more?
[added on 01/06/03]

persephone plus
adorable custom-made velvet dresses and such; frivolous and a little pricey, but nice to look at.
[added on 09/14/02]

person of size webring
webrings are no longer the "it" thing, but this is a ring i started some time ago for people of any size to advertise their substance
[added on 01/27/04]

phat grrl
an excellent collection of personal fat feminist writings and links
[added on 01/13/03]

pretty pear
think of it as lucky magazine with a conscience, and for fat grrrls. super!
[added on 07/18/03]

show me the data!
research and facts about fat, from a size acceptance perspective
[added on 07/18/03]

size appeal
collection of different clothing brands for fat women
[added on 11/13/02]

sky puddles
personal site from courtney of fat girl breakdown
[added on 01/06/03]

so what if?
half fashion advice for fat teens, half store filled with cute, stylish clothes
[added on 11/13/02]

such a pretty face
a collection of resources for fab fatties
[added on 08/13/02]

sue ann jaffarian
mystery writer who features fat heroines. because it's nice to see someone who at least looks like you in your beach-friendly page turner.
[added on 06/16/03]

tech central's fat series
a growing series of articles exposing fact and fiction around the "obesity epidemic"
[added on 08/06/03]

torrid is hot topic's cuter fat sister - great fun clothes
[added on 08/13/02]

so i called into my meeting and told them i'd be late. on account of cows. sometimes, i'm so professional, it actually makes me tingle.
[added on 09/12/02]

without measure
ISAA e-zine (good articles, slightly irksome site)
[added on 10/13/02]

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