art bomb
reviews and news about graphic novels (some of the best around, i swear)
[added on 05/04/03]

short stories delicately woven around the theme of sleep. something about this collection made me weep.
[added on 11/18/02]

blood bread & roses
judy grahn's theory on the origin of religion as menstrual metaform - one of the best things to come out of goddess feminism
[added on 08/13/02]

bodies out of bounds
an excellent collection of semi-academic essays on fat as a form of transgression; both provoking and reassuring.
[added on 01/06/03]

charis books
excellent atlanta-based feminist bookstore. they ship.
[added on 01/02/03]

disobedience of water
oh, my. i thought this writer was onto something with ahab's wife, but i had no idea. this is masterful, beautiful short fiction. and i don't even like short fiction.
[added on 11/18/02]

dude, where's my country?
founded on facts and the poignancy that typifies moore's movies - also good to share with folks who lean to the center, not just the left
[added on 12/18/03]

feminist recommended reading
the staff and readers of we have brains maintain a running list of feminist books and sites to visit
[added on 11/18/02]

girl director
this book (intended for teens) is a great starting point if you're thinking about making your own movies. quite inspiring.
[added on 11/13/02]

good in bed
i think this fluffy bit of fiction makes some nice strides towards decent body image. some people disagree. in any case, i wrote a longer musing on it in my blog awhile ago. worth reading.
[added on 11/18/02]

goodbye tsugumi
like all of banana yoshimoto's work, this is lovely and lyrical - with an edge. i pounce on everything she creates.
[added on 11/18/02]

internet speculative fiction database
where to find seemingly every sf&f story or book ever written
[added on 07/21/04]

killing monsters
you need to read this. it will change your perspective on play and media violence. it will make you feel okay with owning games like "state of emergency".
[added on 11/18/02]

life's daughter, death's bride
a jungian (and yet feminist) approach to the persephone myth
[added on 08/13/02]

losing it
while this book succeeds as an examination - and ultimately, indictment - of the diet industry in America, it stops short of offering solutions. still worth a read for those who aren't already convinced that dieting makes people fat.
[added on 11/18/02]

one of the best resources on third-wave feminism - thorough (though not without its own stereotypes) and gives appropriate nods to the second wave. it actually comes close to bridging the gap between "waves" (which i personally feel are more of a media-friendly convention), but falls slightly short in that area.
[added on 12/23/02]

money makes the world go around
a layman's perspective on the global economy, from the ground. meaning - from the lives of people touched by money as it shifts from place to place. it may depress you - and that's exactly why you should read it.
[added on 11/18/02]

obesity myth
paul campos' book is a good layperson's review of many of the studies on the correlation (minimal, he argues) between weight and health. a must-read.
[added on 07/26/04]

raising cain
ironically, this book was accidentally sent to our house from ages ago. it turned out to be this amazingly insightful book about the emotional world of boys that i recommend to everyone - i wish there were something comparable for girls.
[added on 10/09/03]

shadow of the hegemon
i like knowing my writers are still puzzling things out, too. this is what appeals to me about card, and particularly about this series (for which i still have a great deal of affection).
[added on 11/18/02]

the diagnosis
i just picked this up again after mistakenly leaving it in a suitcase (unopened) for several months. lightman's (he also wrote einstein's dreams) style blends science and fiction with a sort of boyishness. this appears to be no exception.
[added on 11/18/02]

the invisible actor
one of the best books on acting i've read. only on the recent list because i re-read it a month or so ago. fabulous, understated, very noh.
[added on 11/18/02]

the poisonwood bible
it took me forever to finally warm to kingsolver, and even longer to decide on reading her non-Arizona books. this one is quite likely her best - both endearing and almost unbearably well-crafted.
[added on 11/18/02]

thinner than thou
a sci-fi novel about a future where dieting and preservation of physical "perfection" has become a religion. the fat and freaky people win in the end.
[added on 07/26/04]

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