alternatives to marriage project
resources for domestic partners, marriage statistics & stories from unmarried families
[added on 02/04/04]

american indian movement
one of the single most useful references on the american indian movement
[added on 04/11/03]

amnesty international
one of the premier international human rights organizations
[added on 04/11/03]

big fat blog
all the best fat news & action, usually long before any other site
[added on 08/13/02]

commonwealth common sense
progressive virginia politics and a fun read
[added on 01/12/05]

culture construction company
a collection of culture jamming and reforming resources and idea. fucking brilliant.
[added on 04/18/03]

democracy for virginia
blog from virginia's deaniac legacy, with a northern va emphasis
[added on 01/12/05]

don't tell me what size i must be
insanely active yahoo group for fat and fat-friendly people. it's peppered with politics, shopping tips, advice, and all things fat and newsworthy.
[added on 05/28/03]

electronic frontier foundation
alarmist, but important, free speech and civil liberties alerts
[added on 08/13/02]

emily's list
"early money is like yeast; it makes the dough rise" - emily's list is an organization to support pro-choice and women candidates and to get more women to the polls
[added on 01/13/04]

feminist majority
will send you excellent feminist news
[added on 08/13/02]

future of music coalition
independent artists acting for technology and policy; read their manifesto
[added on 07/20/04]

gender education & advocacy
transgender rights-defense and advocacy organization
[added on 04/11/03]

human rights watch
another major international human rights defense organization
[added on 04/11/03]

international size acceptance association
slightly less official-seeming and more political than naafa
[added on 08/13/02]

my own backyard
blogs central virginia liberal politics & local events
[added on 01/12/05]

the national abortion rights league. pro-choice party central.
[added on 09/10/03]

national organization of women
now remains one of the foremost women's organizations, at least in the US.
[added on 04/11/03]

progressive metro
liberal organizing and interaction in metro richmond
[added on 01/12/05]

progressive secretary
they'll do your letter-mailing dirty work
[added on 08/13/02]

project vote smart
an amazing resource for voting records, current issues in congress, etc. (US only)
[added on 04/11/03]

refuse & resist
a national organization that promotes activism & awareness on a variety of civil rights-oriented causes
[added on 04/11/03]

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