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07 July
the town of dieter
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Now and then a word will just invert in my head.

Like, I was searching for information about income levels of dieters, and I came up with this: the township of Dieter, Minnesota.

Because die-et-ter is also dee-ter. And is German. And makes perfect sense as the name of a Midwestern town.


04 May
cd meme thing
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Someone in the car on the way to dinner after The March brought up an idea for a cool offline meme.

I don't remember exactly what the idea was, but it came from an LJ friend's excellent March-inspired CD of women artists. It goes something like this: anyone interested will create a mix CD of entirely/predominantly women artists, which will then be shared with all the other participants by a distribution mechanism I don't recall. I think there was discussion of doing some sort of complex round robin where everyone passed each CD along after making themselves a copy, but ultimately it would be simpler and no more costly to just burn multiple copies of the CD you made and send them to everyone.

I bring this up because a) it's cool and b) I'm working on a female-dominated CD of mostly indie pop tunes now. And I thought, well cool, this would be a good time to do this CD swapping memeish thing. Are you interested?

A long time ago, I participated in something similar, but it was more of an organized CD swap. And, I think, only women were invited. I'd rather invite anyone to participate, as long as they can come up with a grrrl-dominated CD.


18 December
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Maybe this is because I grew up in a Navy town, but I have to say this: I love when people turn unpronounceable acronyms into words. To that end, I believe the Return of the King movie should forever be referred to as lotturrh-rottkuh.

Despite serious consideration, we opted out of Trilogy Tuesday and the midnight show, but we did cut out of the office early yesterday afternoon.

And it's clear I'm not a real, serious, geek, because I happily enjoyed the movie and don't have a lot of favorite quotes from the book that I just can't deal with not having heard or anything like that. Truth is, I've forgotten quite a bit of the books and only half-enjoyed reading them to begin with, so I'm not exactly a LOTR book fetishist. Details? I know not details.

I did, as with Two Towers, find myself surprised by just how dern much Gollum was in the story. I think I know why now, though - I skimmed those parts of the books. So I sort of anti-miss Gollum. Whiner.

Wait, there is one scene I miss. Those of you who love this scene had best know now that it didn't make it - the Aragorn/Eomer sword-leaning scene in the midst of battle? Not there. Hope it was filmed and will show up in the DVD.

But, yes, all told a really good movie. Grand, moving, and all that fun stuff. I recommend it.

[On a completely hilarious side note, I heard some Star Wars enthusiasts on NPR yesterday saying that the original Star Wars trilogy is better than LOTR because - get this - the acting is better and the characters are better developed. As if. Sometimes geeks just get out of control.]


14 April
happy april
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There's a scene in Catch 22 (the book, I have no idea if it ended up in the film version) in which one of the characters is challenged to name one great American poet.

He's in the midst of multiple phone calls, and the end result is that someone, speaking to him on the phone, hears only "T.S. Eliot!" before he hangs up. I think an argument ensues over whether Eliot really counts as American or British.

T.S. Eliot's famous The Wasteland starts April is the cruellest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land.

I do not believe in April Fool's Day. April fools who? I say, annoyed with the bastardized pagan holiday that we've turned into something desperate and silly.

These three things, taken together mean this: I celebrate April 1 as National Call Someone, Say T.S. Eliot, and Hang Up Day. Have done for many years. And some of you, whose email addresses I'm lucky enough to know, might have received the email equivalent of that traditional phone call two weeks ago. Some of you quickly figured out the sender, others probably ignored and deleted it.

But some of you might have wondered for a moment who sent that odd little email. Now you know. Happy April.


11 April
i collect action figures
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I came home to this in the mail yesterday (courtesy a friend I guilted a little too much for missing my annual first of April party last week): is it not the cutest?


This is so much more mature and politically savvy than my Jedi figure collection. Really, who needs four different Obi Wans?


07 April
horrific puppy torture
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Happy Easter, from my parents. I'd say "poor puppy", but she seems to be enjoying it.

People tend to think of cats as stereotypically female, but it sure seems like dogs enjoy clothes a lot more.


07 March
je projette des vacances
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We're planning a trip to Manhattan later in the spring. I've been collecting random things I want to do and then losing them, while I have this perfectly lovely website that I could be using instead.

So, read on only if you're curious about what I like to do on vacation. It's not exciting, I suspect, if you're not me.

but wait! there's more »


04 February
book club
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We had a party last weekend. At one point, most of the women were sitting on the back porch howling and hooting and smoking and drinking. We talked about masturbation and vibrators and hot girls and stupid movies.

And there's just something fabulous about a whole bunch of different as anything chicas sitting around being loud and taking up space.

I'd like to have a club like that, though it's hardly the sort of thing that happens by intention. I need to have my girls over more often.


11 December
ed disappoints me
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Tonight on one of my favorite television shows, Ed, the formerly smart and generally fabulous Mark decides to get gastric bypass surgery.

Agh. Of course, as angry as I was with the show, it's actually the actor himself who instigated the plot - after he had the surgery himself. But still. The actor is 24; I don't think my buddy Mark is even supposed to be 18. Bad form - Mark's fictional doctor doesn't manage to mention the huge potential side effects, the unknown possible impact to a young person's growth, metabolism, etc; though Mark sticks up against the surgery initially (citing the usual arguments), ultimately his concerned friends help him see the light.

The surgery discussion isn't the worst of the episode - honestly, that part is reasonably balanced. What's upsetting is that Mark, who is generally a together kid, is portrayed throughout the episode as the sort of uncontrollable overeater who downs a hot dog as an appetizer. As is his heart-attack-having father. And there's a subtle (or not so) undercurrent of "this is how fat people are".

Is starving yourself for the rest of your life the new, reasonable, price of cool? Of course, no one ever seems to mention the social downside - he may be more acceptably sized, but he'll never be able to even drink a whole beer at a time. Surely not being able to ingest much of anything is also a frustrating downside. I mean, what are the chances that a kid with a mini stomache will still be just as much of a freak as ever? Pretty high, I'd guess.

Take that and the comments on Paul's Emme doll article follow up, and this should be a bad day in fat town. A bad April day.

But it's temporary. I mean, it's still attention paid to the size acceptance movement, right?

I just can't help thinking gastric bypass is the next Phen-Fen. A flash in the proverbial pan. Of course, like every other failed weight loss technique, gastric bypass will succeed for a few people, kill a few others, and mostly just leave a bunch of fatter people in its wake.

Come to think of it, that sucks.


18 November
recommended for ages twelve and under
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To continue on the play theme, let's talk about Barbie.

I saw a holiday Barbie (you know, the one with the big velveteen dress) yesterday and almost cooed. I have an abiding fondness for Barbie.

I grew up with a lot of Barbies. This didn't damage my self-image or teach me crazed notions about gender roles. In fact, I think it was quite useful.

but wait! there's more »


13 November
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Something on Caveat Lector started me thinking about feminist perspectives on aggression, particularly on boy-play as aggression.

Says she:
Another part of it, though, strikes me as plain old ordinary aggression using ěplayî as a shield. This is a classic kindergarten trick. ěI was just playing! I didnít mean nothiní!î

I've personally come to feel very strongly that play needs to be a shield. Not just for men, but for women.

but wait! there's more »


02 November
i missed halloween
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This is sad.

You see, I've been sick. Really sick. For the past four days. Yesterday was the first day I got out of bed for more than fifteen minutes (er, if you don't count time spent on the floor of the bathroom).

I missed Halloween. Also, four days of work and a load of things I should have done. Bleh. Bleh.

Monday should be fun.


25 October
darned adults!
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Are you an adult?

If you are, and you've ever caught yourself thinking "darned teenagers" in any situation, you should stop by auralidayne and read some of her recent posts.

It will serve as a nice reminder. Of several things, actually. How little people change in essentials from adolescence to adulthood. That odd semi-defensiveness that characterizes your opinions at a certain age. And, most importantly, that most teenagers are simply slightly younger adults. Yes, they (and you, at one point) have done and will do things that seem silly in the process of defining themselves, but they're generally reasonable people who will likely become even more interesting as they learn more. Not the monsters adults tend to make them out to be.

Ahem. So, before I launch into a rousing rendition of "Teenagers, Kick Our Butts", go have a meaningful conversation with someone several years younger than yourself. One that does not involve patronizingly telling that person how smart s/he is.


14 October
international cavorting day
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I came upon this cavorting day idea in some random digital travels today.

Just had to share the idea. I think it's cute. It's oh-so-slightly revolutionary, too. But in a good way, more of a happy thing for the People than an annoyance.


12 September
les miz silliness
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If I were a character from Les Miserables, I'd be Enjolras. Duh.

A person with a cause, I charm everyone around me with my revolutionary ideas (not to mention my natural charisma). Unfortunately, I don't have very good social skills, and my impulsiveness is liable to get me in over my head.

I got that from someone who was using that damned pink blogger template I made a while ago. I don't remember who. It's both satisfying and sad to know that several hundred people are all using the same template you designed.


something light and fizzy
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So, the September 11 anniversary thing has me sad and thinking the world pretty much sucks.

But you can dodge that feeling (briefly) at the Pop vs. Soda Page, which maps where those two terms are used based on respondents' zip codes and answer to that age old question.

Did you know that sixty percent of Virginians say "soda"? You do now. And if you grew up in the Tidewater or bay region, you'd also know that most Southeastern Virginians say it with a round Canadian "o". We're scotsirish like that.

[To those in the audience who'd like to contend that Virginia is, in fact, no longer the South, the saying of "soda" over the more appropriately Southern (and doubtless influenced by said brand-named company's strong presence in the region) "coke" is significant ammunition. That's right: 60% of Kentuckians, 84% of Georgians, 85% of uh, People From Alabama and Tennessee say "coke". Proof! Proof that we're not Southerners! If only the confederate-minded conservatives of Richmond could grasp this; we'd have to secede.]


25 July
aqua one, mattel millions
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Wonder what happened when Mattel sued MCA over that "Barbie Girl" song years ago? Wonder no longer. The case is still cycling through appeals, but MCA won this last round.

It's nice to see dance hits get First Amendment protection. Sounds like a call for kabarettists to start producing subversive pop tunes.

I have to agree with Kerri [my source for the link] that I couldn't tolerate Barbie anymore. It's not her implications as a role model. Barbie is as much feminist as anti-feminist. [Having played with Barbies myself, I know her shape had little relevance. It was, in fact, the "Skipper" doll whose body I could relate to and wanted.]

No. It's Mattel's insistence that Barbie be this inviolable cultural symbol. Please. It's a doll. Her presence in my life in no way shaped it; she and her sisters were just useful puppets for imagination.

Or, if you must have Barbie as a cultural icon, then that icon must be available for distortion, parody and reflection. In that spirit: the Distorted Barbie.

Silly Mattel. You'd think we were burning their flag. Which is, by the way, a First Amendment right.


or the accordion player
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I took another silly quiz. It's better than the average, because it came from wintergale.org. But it's still wrong. It says I'm a keyboard player.

We all know I'm the bassist. Or the accordion player.

The boy came back from Georgia last time with a book for me. A couple of books, actually. One was "The Accordion Crimes", which I honestly tried to like, since it came from the man whose recommendations brought me to Barbara Kingsolver. The interesting thing is that it happened to coincide precisely with the moment at which I decided, out of nothing, that I wanted to learn to play the accordion. So the pictures of different types of accordions were my favorite bit of that book.

In any case, I just remembered this once burning desire I had and have resolved to learn to play some form of accordion. One of the cute button ones, I hope. I'll report back soon.


24 July
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I had a prepackaged snack of crackers, jam and peanut butter. I dug for, and kept somehow missing, any sort of implement of spreading (bright green plastic stick!). Tried dipping the crackers in first peanut butter, then jam. The jam got all icky and wouldn't stick to the cracker anyhow. Tried first jam, then peanut butter. The peanut butter got less icky but was also less inclined to hang with the cracker.

Until I finally found the stick and realised I never wanted my peanut butter and strawberry jam together in the first place. I wanted to scoop the peanut butter up on my cracker, eat it, then swirl my finger in the jelly and eat off my finger.

So I did. It may have been the best thing about my day.

Life is just that minute.


17 July
fat grrrrl
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Fat people need to stick together. We should paint our squishy parts with glue. The frustrating super-strong rubber kind that doesn't ever seem to dry.

I'm all excited, because just as I was about to point out the fabulosity of fat shadow, Tish made me a fat grrrrl. With four r's! We get extra.


03 July
you've got... bloginality
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My Bloginality is ENTJ. Or so they say!

Admittedly, I simply answered the questions according to what I already know about my MBTI. So, some doubts on the validity of the survey method. Plus, who else is really annoyed that all the little sidebar links say "Fanny is A ISTJ"? I wish I had a little internet crayon so I could stick little n's in after all those pre-vowel articles.


01 July
i believe in peace, bitch
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If I were a Tori, I wouldn't like Mondays.

How appropriate, given the Mondayness that characterizes today.

[Thanks to Artemis for ganking that link from someone else, so I could gank it from her.]


12 June
the onion never fails
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Make sure you read the highly illustrative note in this post-high school breakup article.

Go ahead and laugh. You know that was you, once.

It wasn't me. I didn't date in high school. I laughed anyhow.


17 May
fox kills!
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One of my favorite TV shows (Dark Angel) has been cancelled for next season.

I'm not typically moved to mobilization over a television show, but the last episode sparked something revolutionary, and I was really looking forward to seeing where it went.

So, play along with me. Maybe a grassroots save-our-show campaign might actually work. Maybe not. It sure would be a nice improvement to Fox's planned appallingly bad fall lineup. Whatever happened to their whole "please take us seriously; we're a real network" thing?

Here are some links:

to send a postcard or email

to sign a petition

to vote in a poll

get addresses and such


25 April
silly lego test
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It's been awhile since I took a silly bloggish quiz. So here: the Lego woman.

I'm also appalled by the stereotypes associated with same. To quote:

You are a rare find indeed! You are sassy, brilliant, and not to mention lookin' good! You are none other than the sexy lego woman! We can find you strolling the lego town shopping for all the latest lego fashions and then coming home to a low-fat dinner and a bubble bath.

Appalled. And, I admit, rather amused.


12 March
for the girly girl in all of us
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Doesn't everyone enjoy tasty lipglosses and cute vintage accessories?

What, everyone doesn't? Okay, that's true. But if you do, check out Primp, a blog about all that silly girl stuff, but without a lot of disturbing assumptions about women. Basically, it's like a fashion magazine without the scariness. Good source for new and interesting shopping links.


03 March
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In the movie (and book) Hearts in Atlantis, the word slutty gets used in proper 1940s-50s fashion. To mean "sloppy", not "promiscuous".

And I'm positive this is Stephen King's nod to Barbara Kingsolver, who spends fully a paragraph of one of her High Tide in Tucson essays on the subject. It's subtle, but seemed so obvious to me after just finishing Kingsolver's book. Which makes me wonder how many of these little references I might find, if only I were more well-read.

Know any good referential bits like that? I'm sure I've missed plenty.


01 March
friday five (vacations)
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I almost forgot...

1. What's your favorite vacation spot?

I honestly have no idea. The last place I've been always seems like my favorite, until I go somewhere else. I think I just like to go places. Maybe I should get out more?

2. Where do you consider to be the biggest hell-hole on earth?

Albion, Michigan. It's just dirty and urban enough to smell bad, and just small enough to be tacky.

3. What would be your dream vacation?

I love roadtrips. That aside, my money-is-no-object vacation would be a few months in Asia, staying in posh, unusual places.

This is creepy for a Friday Five, but I also feel like I need to see Hiroshima. Like the idea of war isn't clear in my head, and it should be. I'm not sure that's a dream vacation, but it's something I need to do.

4. If you could go on a road-trip with anyone, who would it be and why?

I think I've said before that Allison would make an excellent road buddy. And my best girlfriend. Or my boyfriend. Basically, anyone who can drive whimsically, sleep late and be prepared for whatever.

5. What are your plans for this weekend?

Heading slightly south to visit my parents (who are moving out of the house I grew up in three months from now).

Do your Friday Five. And drink 8 glasses of water a day.


22 February
friday five (birthdays)
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1. Hey, baby, what's your sign? Do you think it fits you pretty well?

I'm a Libra. It pretty much fits, but those things are very generic. My more complex chart doesn't match quite so well.

2. What's the worst birthday gift you've ever received?

I once had three people give me the same Europe cassette. I kept two, cause one was from a boy I had a crush on and the other was from my best friend. Shut up! It was the eighties.

3. What's the best birthday gift you've ever received?

My first pair of doc martens, which rang in my high school punk rock phase.

4. What's the best way you've celebrated your birthday thus far?

We have the best costume parties for my birthday. Any one of those could easily be the best birthday. The year (sometime in college) I went to NYC with my mother was great, too; I have a lot of fun travelling with her.

5. What are your plans for this weekend?

Driving around looking for a new neighborhood, and maybe some family stuff or party-going.

The Friday Five. Everyone's doing it.


11 February
say hey!
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for cars that aren't broken (less than fifty dollars for inspection and tuning)!

for cooperative coworkers!

for the fact that hobbit names sound like an eddie izzard comedy routine!

for free and tasty pasta!

for the curative powers of gingerale!

for the history of soda pop as a stomachache elixir!

for holidays about sex!

for the end of the day!

i'm going home to celebrate now.

actually, i'm going to rehearse. but i'll try to celebrate while i do it.


07 February
things you don't care about
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or maybe you do, i don't know.

i'm hungry. this is amplified by two things: a complete lack of cash and a need to leave the office early today. you'd be more lonely if you knew you weren't going to hear another human voice for a year, right? well, the hunger thing is like that. i'd be fine if i knew i could eat.

also, i haven't done an effective job of plugging The Diary Design Auction. this month is all feministy goodness! i need to finish (er, start) my design submission, too.

by the way, thanks nina, for the biggest laugh i've had all week. she sent me there.


30 January
legos with chest hair?
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i believe one of the council members (elrond?) here is karate lego man. karate lego man has chest hair.

i know this because years ago when the boy was still doing take one's dough and earned a brown belt, i bought this little toy for him and painted the belt brown. i'm so glad the hairy men in his school wore t-shirts under their kata, because even the karate lego man was just too icky.

or was that karate playmobile man? oh, maybe it was. never mind, then. karate lego man, please go about your business.


what's with the klingon, anyhow?
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new to the news network of blogness as i am, i only just now discovered this. piers anthony fans should be further down, possibly off the list. they aren't so much geeky as tragically mistaken.

i'm hungry. my internet connection is so slow i might actually have to work. which is a shame, because this not working is helping me to mentally structure what i was going to do when i started working. now there will be no structure.


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