25 April
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This is such a sweet idea: the blog love-in.

Even from a less narfy perspective, it's interesting to know what prompts people to visit your site and nice to share with your favorite reads why you like them.


15 April
whb : the storm clears
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Ah. At last there's something vaguely resembling the website up at We Have Brains. It's ass-slow (I'm temporarily publishing and loading from this site, thanks to a beautiful side effect of my new host's mode of setting up accounts), but it's up.

I've got to install everything, remake templates, recreate as much content as I can - all that, but. The mess with the domain name is over. [Partly, I'm sad to say, because I capitulated into saying Keep my damned money, just transfer the domain!] I was so worried it would take ages.

Glory be.


10 March
this is just the meaningless drivel i was looking for!
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I generally refrain from comment on the latest news about weblogs. There are many more interested, qualified people who can actually say something useful about those things.

But, I was struck - and amused - by my own reaction to a CNN article about the mainstreaming of blogs as it was delivered to me via BrozNews; today.

Broz says:
Oh goody. Blogging has gone "mainstream." More web sites describing peoples' boring lives.

At which I, of course, take great umbrage.

And then I say (to myself, fortunately):
My life is not boring! Who are you to say, O Great News Curmudgeon? And your site is rather a blog, too, so - bah!

Very silly. It gets better!

And then CNN says:
Terra Lycos last month introduced publishing tools to help people launch their own blogs. America Online is expected to offer a similar service to its 35 million subscribers later this year.

To which I say:
Oh, goody. Push-button publishing for people who don't even know how to open Internet Explorer.

The future of blogging: we'll all be full of shit and convinced that our way is better and that we're much, much smarter than all the other kids.


16 January
weirdest email ever
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I rarely post anything completely trivial (ah, shut up if you disagree). But I just had to share this crazy email.

It purports to be from the son of a dead Congolese dictator. Is this the new generation of spam? African despots?

In any case, I was amused, and slightly saddened. Read on, if you dare, to see the body of the email.

but wait! there's more


08 January
seven ten seven
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I did it. I'm not finished with it yet (not close, even), but I have at least the skeleton of my new design domain up and functional.

Seven Ten Seven Design

Criticism is welcome.


01 January
i buy yet another domain
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Today, while the boy was off in a crazy small town, I built a whole new site. It's not live yet, but it will be soon.

It's the next iteration of my design site. There's more to be done (of course), but I'll tell you where to find it soon.


23 December
my personal portal
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This site is gradually becoming an encyclopedia of me. Of things I like.

I've taken to posting all the books I read and recommend, all the sites I come upon, and a world of other interesting things in the exits/links section. I don't know if anyone ever reads that part of the site, but I realized today that it contains over 250 links in my various categories. That, my friends, is a lot of links. It's now my own personal mini-portal.

I think that means it needs a search function. Eventually, it will get big enough that even I won't know whether I have a certain site linked or not.


06 December
my content is inappropriate?
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It appears that my own site has been blocked by the new content-filtering software at the office. More specifically, any internal page of the site has been blocked. So, when I went to check on whether the pale green color morphed into some pathetic imitation of khaki on certain poorly calibrated monitors, I saw something about ethics policies.

Our ethics policies are primarily focused on not conducting inappropriate political business or dealing, but I thought the content blockers were focused on porn (which, despite not being specifically mentioned in that policy, can be agreed as inappropriate if not unethical content for one to browse at work).

So, how is my site content porn-related, I wonder? Or maybe the filters are more or less sophisticated than I imagine. Maybe they've discovered certain verboten political words on the site. Maybe it's just the occasional curse word. A surprising number of other sites that meet similar criteria (in my book, at least) are not blocked, so I'm confused.

I'm also wondering when the blocking in question happened, as I rarely visit the site from work except to check email (which I can still do). I suspect that both checking up on my daily reads and fomenting revolution are activities in which one is not expected to engage in the workplace, ergo I rarely do either.


05 December
more. new.
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As you can see, I've just redesigned the site. And moved this blog to MT.

I did it all on one snowy evening, so I suspect there are huge nasty messes somewhere and I haven't seen them.

Why? It's nearly winter (the snow here today proves it) and I need something other than September to look at.


23 November
the old mac
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Ah, most of the time I wonder why I even keep my old iMac around. [I'm an early but infrequent adopter; our backup computer is one of the 333's (the second release) and can't even handle an Airport card.] It's fairly klunky, I've never installed most of the current versions of my design software on it, etc.

But, wow. This thing has an exquisite display. It's "smooth fonts" thing works beautifully. The colors are true. This is all about why computers that aren't Mac's suck. Seriously. The fact that this much care went into the design and polish of what I see when I turn on what is essentially a low-end computer...

This kicks the ass of even the nicest PC monitor I've had. And it's not the best a Mac can do, not nearly.

Just had to share. If you design for the web, and you don't do it on a Mac, you're missing out. If you disagree, it's only because you're unenlightened. [All the strong political opinions I have, and this is the one area in which I won't broach argument. Go figure.]


21 October
skip this if you're not into my shameless self-promotion
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I learned (via referrals) that someone had nominated me for bloggy of the month this month.

That's really sweet. But honestly, folks, there are much better writers than me floating around out there. Particularly if you consider this (the actual blog) as the primary represenative of my writing. I can do better (and occasionally do, via the journal). Other people regularly do.

So I suppose I'm saying I don't deserve an award. But go vote for me anyhow, because someone was so kind as to nominate me. And I think, if you were nice enough to nominate me, I should be courteous enough to say thanks and then shamelessly promote myself in effort to bring your nomination to fruition.

Or something.

Can anyone tell I'm distracted, diffident, and ambivalent today?


18 October
ick. ick. ick.
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My computer at work is now using IE 6.

And I can see those damned colored scrollbars everywhere. Like, the Greymatter default template - colored scrollbar! Friday Five - colored scrollbar! Some Girls Design - colored scrollbar (actually, that one's not too bad)! Freaking Lex - colored scrollbar!

Seriously, I think these things are a usability issue. I do not approve. And even if, for some sad reason, I start designing on a PC, I promise not to put colored scrollbars on my pages. They distress me.

And I'd like to thank some of my devoted fans (or rather, people of whom I am a devoted fan) who don't use colored scrollbars: Eris. Caveat Lector. Revolution Nine. Nod Ltd. Digital Down Low. Exposure.


17 October
biography project update
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The Biography Project is up and running. That is - there are some bios posted, finally.

As predicted, everyone is busy or lazy, and they're trickling in slowly (mine included). But the ones I have so far are definitely worth reading. More soon, I promise.


14 October
anyone have a really old browser?
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I'd like to know how the site looks on it. It should be pretty backwards-compatible, except for the CSS.

For those of you on backwards versions of Netscape with all your useful stuff turned off, I think I resolved the text/background contrast issue that you were griping about Saturday night. Will you look again? I can't make my old Netscape behave quite so badly as yours seems to.

Also, if you're colorblind or otherwise impeded, let me know if the color scheme is a problem. I'm a little worried that the wine color is too dark/not dark enough.


24 September
the power of search results
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Anytime you're feeling powerless, or even just cranky, a peek at the things that drew people to your site is always delightful.

Well, most of the time.

[As a complete sidebar, I just tried to spell "delightfull" the way my great grandmother would have done. I don't know if she'd be proud or what.]

For instance, I am the number one search result for "inspiring rant".

And I appear (not surprisingly) in searches for the "meaning of persephone", which also pulls up a Jungian interpretation of eating disorders via Alice in Wonderland. You might also wonder how the people tried to please persephone, as at least one person did. Sounds a little naughty to me.

I also turn up darn close to Kerri if you look for blog feminism, which also has a number of interesting results.


18 September
five percent, schmive percent.
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Not only does Apple's OS represent more than the mysterious "5%" [you hear this all the time from Windows users, who obviously Know This Sort of Thing] of the operating system market, if you look at it in just the right light, Apple is the number one computer in the world.

So, ha.


03 September
some girls give to charity
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Some Girls Design is hosting another charity design auction this weekend.

I'm too booked to participate, but I hope you're not. It's always a great site and a great cause.


26 August
the biography project
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I've started a new project as part/an extension of We Have Brains. Basically, it's a biography-writing project. Each person who participates will be matched with someone else, and they'll be charged with writing the short story of each others' lives.

Since not all of you who read this are members of the collab, but most of you have some feminist leanings, I thought I'd open it up a little. The project is intended for women and/or feminists, so if you identify with either or both of those (or you don't, but you'd like to start your own), stop by the collab and find out more about the biography project.


21 August
kindred spirits
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I read something on eris' site, the way she does links, that made me think, gah, i must have that. So I went back to my collection of daily-read journals and found words in them. Now I have it, too.

Now when I go to read journals, I remember instantly the texture of each person, which makes their sites that much more irresistible.

You should read everyone I read. I think that's the message of the blogroll (not that I have a blogroll, but I do use MT to update my exits section now). And also, these are the other people who define me. These are the kin of my spirit.

I suppose they are. In a way.


16 August
the weblog review
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Quite awhile ago, I submitted the collab site to The Weblog Review. I was hoping to attract a little attention to the site (at the time, it had just started) and maybe to get some feedback that could make it more appealing.

It didn't really drive a lot of new writers to the collab, but the review was amazingly nice (he called my writing "dazzling" - I'm touched), and I feel like a schmo for never giving any credit or thanks. In my defense, the review came out right in the midst of our real-life move, and I forgot to get back to it, read it, etc.

In any case, thanks (belatedly) to the very kind lt torasso and to TWR in general.

Finally reading the review after all this time reminded me that it's made huge progress - gone from bimonthly to weekly, added my kick-ass staff with their great ideas, and developed a "following" of regular contributors. It's exactly what I wanted it to be.


12 August
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I'm returned from vacation. Slightly browner but not too worn.

I changed the splash page on the site (here) to make it easier to skip to the stuff you want. Better? Worse? Did you notice?


29 July
friday five (blogging)
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This week's Friday Five is randomly interesting. It's [sort of] historical.

1. How long have you had a weblog?

Since October 2000. I initially thought of it as a diary, but it really started as a blog and became both.

2. What was your first post about?

The Sierra Club's insistence on wasting paper (glossy five-insert mailings) and money (a million dollars spent to campaign against Nader).

3. How many changes (name, location, etc.) of your weblog have there been, if more than one?

Initially, there was the Diaryland journal, which has always been - continues to be - called Edge of the Season. Then I added a blog to the main site, mostly for site updates. Then I added Bending, which I wrote at work during the worst six months of my job. Then I killed Bending, and went back to just having this title-less blog (which is now what it is) and the journal on my site.

4. What CMS (content management system) do you use? Do you like it or do you want to try something else?

Greymatter is still my favorite; it's what I use for this site. I use Movable Type for some other things; it's nice, but it's not very portable (say, should you change webhosts). And yes, painful to set up initially. I still think Diaryland is an excellent service for people who, for whatever reason, want their blogs/journals hosted somewhere. I used Blogger briefly, and it made me really glad to find Greymatter.

5. Do you read people who have both a journal and a weblog? Or do you prefer to read people who have all of their writing in one central place?

I read a number of people who have several regularly updated sections of their site. Not all of them have separate blogs and journals - some are basically blogs on different topics, for instance. I think I also read some people who have multiple sites, but I don't read (or even know about) all the places I could read them. I really enjoy getting a couple of different perspectives from one person - I particularly like the internal/external duality that a lot of separate journal/blog writers present. That's also why I maintain a separate blog and journal - one is for everyone to read, and one most people don't find.


18 July
site hosting tragedy
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My webhost sent me an automated reminder to renew my hosting account. Okay, good. But the link in the reminder email took me to nothing. So I emailed. Nothing. Emailed another address. Nothing. Emailed sales, thinking surely sales would care. Nothing.

but wait! there's more


16 July
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I've started thinking about a new concept for this site. This should come as no surprise. I've been increasingly using it as a base of operations of sorts, for instance, the feminist collab sits here. Other things sit here. I'm thinking about pulling cuntzilla.org back here, too. Why not just have one site?

So, new concept coming. Some day.

I'm struggling with a design idea, this notion of a memory box. More Shoebox of Lies than Victorian. More Beeswing than Shoebox of Lies. And then it occurs to me that what I'm really thinking is inverting all the colors of nod ltd. because she's really already gone and done it better.



10 March
i started a collab!
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I was reading this month's topics from the If project and Ampersand, and I started thinking how much I wished there were still a collab for feminists like at the old khunt.net.

So, I started my own.

We Have Brains. It's for feminists and really anyone with a brain. I'm planning on having topics every 2 weeks, and managing it with a notify list. So, go join. Comment on posts. It'll be, well, not necessarily fun, but interesting. And, I hope useful.


08 March
little technical triumphs
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I had to drive for a meeting yesterday, and everything I saw just seemed amazing. Then I came home, and my mind kept translating things into disgusting, mismatched textures.

Somewhere in there, I ended up with a new site design. At least, I think it's a new site design. For now, it's implemented on the journal. I even added images for the dates, so I could see days as words. My favorite thing about the design is the mismatched letters and sections (the main nav, on your right). It seems somehow perfect for a picture inspired by dadaists.

I think I actually get greymatter now; I've had all these little triumphs with it lately. The image thing, and getting it to display my monthly archive not as a stream of text, but as a list of links to individual entries (that was the thing that made this least useful as a journalling tool). These little triumphs are about as technical as I get.

I'm glad of all the content management tools. If it weren't for them, I'd have a pretty but very dull site, mostly just a design portfolio (of sorts). But currently, I'm particularly glad of greymatter (and not just because getting moveable type installed on somegirlsdesign is continuing to be a vast and pondersome pain in the ass).


23 February
actual site news
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okay, i never bother to post actual site news, so here. since last update in january, i've added: five or six new photos in the art section, somewhere between five and ten designs to my portfolio, a teeny handful of rings and independent site portals/collectives, several new journals and domains in the exits section, moved this blog up to the front of the site and added more info to this section (the "about me/site" stuff). also made several little nipping improvements after some of you started seeing javascript errors and, in unrelated news, bought a domain for me and my cheerleader friends. *

and, as does not require saying, written a month's worth of new journal entries.

is the world a better place because of this? no. but i'm taking up a lot more space in it.

*note: no actual cheerleaders, past or present, are involved.

update: actually, i lied about that last bit with the cheerleaders. apparently.


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