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28 June
update on allegiance
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By the way, if you found yesterday's rant about the pledge of allegiance in any way inspiring, you might want to check out vote.com and post your opinion.

At last check, the count was something to the effect of 12% for leaving the ruling alone, and 88% for singing Yankee Doodle Dandy in the streets [metaphorically speaking, of course].


27 June
not under god
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No one can terrorize a nation, unless we are all his accomplices.

Edward R. Murrow

I refused to say the "pledge of allegiance" when I was in school. I recall finding it creepy. But standing and not saying anything had become such a habit by the time I was old enough (say, thirteen) to be an effective researcher that I never really delved into until recently.

Knowing a little more about its history, I find the whole thing even creepier.

but wait! there's more


in my continuing quest...
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To dig into the interesting lives of fat people who aren't consumed by dieting [but rather consume their diets, ha!], here is: Leigh is fat.

It's packed full of tasty fat links.


26 June
girly stuff
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I've been slowly using the windfall of the first new job paycheck to sponsor cool women-owned businesses on the web.

I bought: super powered jewels!

I bought: funky underthings!

Just thought I'd share.


24 June
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I can't believe I've never found this before. It's so fabulous.

Actually, I can. It's been buried in search results by blogs about how bad it is to be fat. Fie on search results (I suppose that's really a "fie on everyone", since all of us contribute to search rankings).

Blathering aside, I bring you: Born Squishy. Yum!


21 June
fat people on planes
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I've seen and heard three separate news articles over the past two days that target Southwest Airlines for its fat-unfriendliness.

Ironically, Southwest has a longstanding reputation for treating fat people poorly. They're now coming under fire for enforcing a policy that appears to have been on the books for over twenty years. Fat people have complained in the past of being boarded on one Southwest flight without incident, only to be forced into buying another seat for a connecting flight.

In short, Southwest is a bad place for fat people. Don't fly Southwest. Fly a fat-friendly (or fat-friendlier; it seems none of them give a damn that their customers rears are getting bigger as their seats get smaller) airline instead. There's a nice list (republished from a slightly older Consumer Reports article) at grandstyle.com.

Big Fat Blog also has contact information for Southwest, so you can call them on their record of fat harrassment.


friday five (houses)
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I found this one oddly appropriate, considering my current obsession.

1. Do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo? A townhouse. And an apartment, until the end of next week - then just the townhouse.

2. Do you rent or own? Rent.

3. Does anyone else live with you? The boy and two cats (who are both very clingy since the move).

4. How many times have you moved in your life? Here's my trajectory, since birth: Norfolk > Michigan > Norfolk > different apartment > another apartment > new house > dorm in Williamsburg > back to house > other dorm > back to house > apartment > back to house > back to same apartment > back to house > townhouse in Richmond > house > apartment > other apartment > townhouse. So, nineteen, counting those irritating summer shifts between college and home.

5. What are your plans for this weekend? Moving all our furniture. We have surprisingly little furniture, though.


18 June
faxes are the devil
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It appears our new phone number was once someone's fax.

Yesterday, on the first night the phone number worked at all, we received upwards of twenty data calls between the hours of eleven at night and six in the morning.


This is no good. If anyone can suggest a good solution to this annoyance (short of simply a) changing the number or b) turning off the phone, as apparently we cannot turn off the ringer), I will be eternally grateful.


13 June
eat like you're at work
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I've noticed something that seems completely contrary to what we think about women and food in public. Women [gasp] eating in public.

Apparently, the office in no way counts as public. All diets appear to be voided at the office. You may bring (and eat) a lunch packed with Slim Fasty evil, but you will still eat the cake from someone's birthday party, the free bagel, the left over from a lunch meeting chips, and the stashed on someone's desk chocolate kisses. We eat remarkably well [heartily, but not unhealthily] at my office.

I have yet to encounter a woman (or man) who doesn't eat like this at work. I've imagined all sorts of complicated explanations. It's a man's world [the office], so eat like a man. Or, it's the polite thing to do. But the office hasn't been a man's world in at least a decade, and rushing to the kitchen to grab that last piece of cake is far from polite.

So why do people eat like this at work? Because they're hungry.

Lunch is the most critical meal, and humans have a natural inclination to daytime grazing. When we munch at work, we're just being good little animals.

Eat like you're at work - all the time. [And don't forget to drink plenty of water. Those late afternoon drowsies and headaches are a common sign of dehydration.]


12 June
the onion never fails
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Make sure you read the highly illustrative note in this post-high school breakup article.

Go ahead and laugh. You know that was you, once.

It wasn't me. I didn't date in high school. I laughed anyhow.


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