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25 January
i'm righteously indignant
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Don't ever pretend to me that Bill Clinton was a great man or brilliant president. Don't ever.

Because he stalled and stalled and stalled on an important decision until last week. As if everything would be fine; that was the impression to be gotten from the LPDC. Or at least he was really thinking about it. That years of begging and lecturing and pressure from people about the world who care about human rights would finally take effect. So I hoped.

But Leonard will stay in Leavenworth.

Bill took the time to make a deal that protects him from legal problems. To admit what everyone already knew - that he walked a careful line between legal truth and just plain lying. Did anyone really care about this? Is this a presidential act for the history books? I don't know. Cut to an image of a man leaving work in embarassed silence.

And his missed an opportunity. To do something greater than himself. Maybe not something that would go down in history, but nevertheless something remarkable.

I'm not denying that Bill ever did any good in office. But did he leave a legacy I respect? No.

So don't pretend.


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