fat media update number two
June 30, 2005 02:21 PM

Fat media update number one is that I was [am?] in a magazine. Since I already wrote about that quite dorkily in my livejournal, you should just go read what I wrote there - if you care to.

Fat media update number two is that I have, finally, finished the copy of I'm Not the New Me (aka The Poundy.com Book) that the ultracool Cinnamon procured for me, signed and all.

I entered into the whole book thing with mixed feelings. Cause Pound is very entertaining and frank and just, you know, good, but has often been about a whole weight-loss focus that is so not my thing. And I worried that it would be one of the new crop of fat empowerment books that are... well, really not the least bit empowering. Seriously, one more person basically saying that everyone needs to be trying really hard not to be fat while trying to love themselves just as they are - well, one of these days, I'm going to poke out someone's eyes.

But that someone won't be Wendy McClure. Because her book is actually a pretty good memoir. Yes, it's a memoir of someone who happens to be doing Weight Watchers throughout it, but it's intelligent, largely not all that fat-phobic, read. If you're hoping for any kind of radical view of fat people (like, that being fat can be fun funky good times), you'd better keep hoping. But it's not bad.

Okay, not exactly a ringing endorsement. You have to understand that I'm at a point where I'm just so very tired of every implication being that fatness sucks on some level. It'd be swell if someone would write a book that was all about how much fatness rocks, or really examined why everyone seems to think it can't rock (which actually, Revolting Bodies and Bodies out of Bounds kinda do - so someone has written that book, after a fashion). Barring that, though, I suppose a largely [oh, look, a fatgirl pun!] entertaining and marginally insightful memoir is a lot better than many of the other takes on fatgirl books I've seen. I would have prefered more insight with my entertainment (like, there's a surface that feels like it could be scratched regarding the whole joining a diet club thing, something I suspect McClure could dig into in a revolutionary way), but I still had a good time. [Please don't mention that other fatgirl book written by that other Wendy - you know, the one that's all "feel great despite your size - but god forbid, don't forget to apologize, us fat folk have to keep up appearances!"? I hate that book.]

There's really only one true problem with I'm Not the New Me, and it's that people seem to want to declare it an Official Fat Girl Book. If it weren't for that, the book could just be about a woman who has some experiences, one of which is being sorta fat and joining Weight Watchers and then sorta not being fat anymore. And we could all read it and laugh a little, and think for about a half second, and it would be fine. Think about it - that random DC chick who slept with people, got fired, then got famous on the internet? She wrote a book. It's terrible. McClure's book kicks that other book's ass.


There aren't enough images of fat people out there, clearly. There aren't enough that everyone can read a book about a fatgirl and not have the letters F, A and T sparkling over their heads the whole time. Me included. I want every new fatgirl book to actually have something challenging to say to the world, because there are so few of them out there saying anything at all. I want to be moved intellectually.

By the way... blah blah blah, sorry it's been so long since I've blogged, but these are crazy times. Crazy times.

Oh, and you can't comment anymore without the supersecret username and password (both redpolka), as I decided to just avoid the whole comment/trackback spam entirely. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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