gift against the machine
December 7, 2004 12:18 PM

This is for Paul, who asked me to re-post the list of not-mall places where you could shop for holiday gifts.

Cause I think DIY and carefully crafted hand-made gifts are swell, but sometimes you just don't have enough time, but you have a little more money. So it's cool to buy the time and products of someone else's small crafty business.

Need ideas? Here's last year's list, with some additions:
Superfantastico (paper, gifts)
WackyJac (undies, tees)
DaddyO's and My Baby Jo (retro clothes)
High Class Cho (clothes made by Margaret Cho)
Fat Chance Belly Dance (belly dance videos, music, costumes)
Dyke Tees (t-shirts)
Good Vibrations (sex toys)
Book Sense (independent booksellers)
Bust (magazine, other stuff)
Bitch (magazine, other stuff)
Hula Source (dance stuff)
Super Hero Designs (jewelry)
Lush (cosmetics, bath stuff)
Flying Skirts (bellydance or generally hippie-esque clothes)
Mode Merr (hipster clothes for women)
Austin Craft Mafia (network of Texas crafters who make practically anything you may want, including kits so you can do your own stuff)
Novica (fairly traded world craftsngifts)
Poise (purses - you know "poises"?)
Stella Marrs (angry and cheeky stationery)
10000 Villages (if you have one locally, it's a good source for funky toys and holiday gear, and about as expensive as Target)

Point being. This year and every year, there are loads of pretty awesome people making stuff outside the Holiday Shopping Machine (you know, the buy-everything, go-to-the-mall-now mentality), so if you take issue with that kind of shopping, you don't have to do it. I kinda like the mall, but no one ever died by avoiding it. And hey, if nothing on this list strikes you or gift-giving in general bugs ya, why not just give money to a cause in your giftee's name (but, you know, make it something you share - don't give to the DNC on behalf of your Republican uncle).

You know, there's one gap in this list - stuff for kids (a lot of the links have stuff for older kids, but not little ones). Hey, lefty moms and dads, do y'all have suggestions I should include?

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your wicked thoughts and are both really, really worthy sites, with the bonus that not only can you find something unusual, buying that item actually triggers a donation to your worthy cause of choice! I got hooked into "Gear That Gives" through The Animal Rescue Site, and there are options for all sorts of worthy causes: rainforests, cancer cures, animal rescue, etc. There's sure to be something worth donating to. What could be more in the spirit than helping someone while you yourself are helped?


these are the thoughts of Antonia McQuown on December 10, 2004 12:45 PM

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