die bob dole, die
November 10, 2000 02:51 PM

I'm really annoyed by what seems like a complete disregard for voters on the part of the Republican party with this Florida thing. Bob Dole!? I expected more from you. What's with these accusations that the Democrats are sore losers? They haven't nearly lost yet... there are thousands of absentee ballots, and the 19,000 misleading ballots that were thrown out still to be considered. Considering the scale of Bush's so-called victory (< 350 votes as of this morning), it seems like fairness demands we wait on these things before a victory is declared. Particularly now that the Republicans are talking about recounting in states where THEY lost, pointing fingers at the Democrats just seems stupid and hypocritical.

I, by the way, voted for Nader. I didn't see a big difference between the major candidates until this morning. And it comes down to this... Bush is a whiny brat who only cares about winning, and Gore is a whiny brat who cares that each American's vote gets counted. Which would you rather have in office?

Let's just redo the whole thing!

I used to really like Bob Dole. I thought of him as a man of reasonable convictions, a cool guy in general. Now I'm sad. Bob Dole is an evil Republican.

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