cd meme thing
May 4, 2004 10:54 AM

Someone in the car on the way to dinner after The March brought up an idea for a cool offline meme.

I don't remember exactly what the idea was, but it came from an LJ friend's excellent March-inspired CD of women artists. It goes something like this: anyone interested will create a mix CD of entirely/predominantly women artists, which will then be shared with all the other participants by a distribution mechanism I don't recall. I think there was discussion of doing some sort of complex round robin where everyone passed each CD along after making themselves a copy, but ultimately it would be simpler and no more costly to just burn multiple copies of the CD you made and send them to everyone.

I bring this up because a) it's cool and b) I'm working on a female-dominated CD of mostly indie pop tunes now. And I thought, well cool, this would be a good time to do this CD swapping memeish thing. Are you interested?

A long time ago, I participated in something similar, but it was more of an organized CD swap. And, I think, only women were invited. I'd rather invite anyone to participate, as long as they can come up with a grrrl-dominated CD.

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