bomb this, anti-semites.
April 12, 2004 05:39 PM

I saw this propagating over LiveJournal a week or so ago but forgot to bring it over here until Amp posted about it.

My small contribution to the anti anti-semitism google bomb google bomb: Jew.

[Edited to add that, thanks to Ben, I've learned that the rank of the "Jew Watch" site isn't purely the result of Google bombing itself. But, as Google doesn't intend to change the site's ranking, the anti-anti-semite google bomb is still the best way to change it.]

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your wicked thoughts

I asked Google who links to the anti-Jew page.
Here are the results.(*) Most of them seem to be pro-Palestinian sites. There are also some catalogs of hate speech, such as this list of "neonazi scum". [Way to take the high ground, guys.] I didn't go through all 54 links, but there didn't seem to be much google-bombing going on, just the usual day-to-day hate.

(*) If the link doesn't work, just search Google for

these are the thoughts of Ben on April 13, 2004 05:26 AM

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