March 25, 2004 11:53 AM

Generally, the level of frustration I express tends towards the "grr, argh" variety. But as of last night I have been beaten by Moveable Type. No. I've been crushed.

This is very, very sad. I can more or less figure out Slashcode, which requires a whole load of extra installation. And I can't successfully patch Moveable Type and get a plug-in working. This stuff isn't that hard. I spent enough time on it that I've actually given up, which I generally don't do.

If you know anything about this stuff and feel like helping, read on for more info. If not, just send general feelings of hope in my direction.

So, I'm working on installing the MTThreadedComments plug-in so people can interact on the WHB site more without actually implementing Slashcode or PHPNuke or something else that would probably be overkill.

Apply the patch. Patch applies. No error messages. Happy messages. I can't apply the rejected changes myself because I can't figure out what they are exactly. I think they are mostly the addition of these two new fields (which I tried adding by applying the patch to email people threaded comments, which does get rejected in part, but clearly missed something).

Change the database. Database is fine. More happy messages.

Change the templates. Templates appear as they should.

Test comments. Comments get posted, but the new fields (parent and subject) don't get passed back to the database. Comments are flat and stale, like month-old Coke.

The problem then is, WHERE is the problem? I can futz around with one of these three things (the MT code, the database or the templates), but trying to futz with all three of them to figure out what's causing the problem is drying up my brain.

AND the template changes make the interface for commenting kinda weird and non-intuitive. But I don't want to change them until I can straighten this assbutt out. Thus, ugliness on top of non-workingness.

Argh. ACK. Other expressions of frustration. I wish I had the time and knowledge to hack my own commenting system.

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