kick his ass, that's what.
February 18, 2004 04:06 PM

Morgaine writes the kickassyist subject lines for her WHB topics; i.e. What's a sister to do about Big Brother? (about the Bush administration's erosion of reproductive freedom, that is).

I think the NARAL, Planned Parenthood and NOW generally have news and action lists that you can join, and then use to stay informed and take slacker action (i.e. send emails and faxes that you don't even have to WRITE). Slacker action networks are a big deal.

Getting more choice-friendly politicians into minor offices would also help. The president, however visible, is hardly the only person making decisions that impact choice, health care, privacy rights, etc. It's equally important that your legislators, state and federal, be protective of abortion and other rights. So, if you have time or money, you damn well ought to be looking out for these local/state elections every year. I'm entertaining the idea of getting involved, or at least giving to, campaigns for liberal folk in other states - ultimately, even if Virginia sucks ass, my right to choose will be protected if other senators & representatives vote in my favor. If you're interested in doing the same, check out Emily's List and get busy. People on the "other team" are historically very, very good at supporting right-leaning candidates across the board.

And every conversation you have about choice or related subjects with a semi-sympathetic person is an opportunity to shift that person's perspective a bit. My dad and I, for instance, regularly tease each other about his willingness to vote Republican despite his general disagreement with both Bushes. I'm holding out for the day when this eventually shifts him towards my side. It'll happen.

What about when the candidates are there, though - when they aren't running? I don't think we've even scratched the surface of the civil disobedience possibilities around this issue. Certainly, women exploiting their health insurance to give friends the morning after pill is a start. But there is a lot more we could do. We could be more present at clinics, countering the anti-choice folk who sometimes congregate there. We could leaflet around anti-abortion "pregnancy crisis centers". We could stage imaginative protests of company health insurance that doesn't cover contraception by bringing dolls to the doctor or the office. There are so many possibilities.

And honestly, I know I haven't done enough here. I could do a lot more.

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