michael moore's celebrity candidate endorsement
January 16, 2004 05:26 PM

Michael Moore will vote for Wesley Clark, which should be no surprise if you've read the last chapter of his book (which keeps coming back to the essential fabulousness of Clark).

You should read the endorsement, whatever you think about Clark or Moore, because as is so often the case these days, Mike's saying some of the most reasonable and balanced things you'll hear out there in the ether. It's well-written and he's right about how things are, if not about Clark.

More than any other media figure could, Mike's endorsement makes me think seriously about the campaign he supports and the reasons Clark has earned his support. If Mike thinks Clark is a reasonable, balanced person who can bring the country back to the gently left of center position it seems to like best, then Clark might just be that guy.

I wished I'd realized in advance that I'd be travelling the week of the VA primary. I don't know if I'd have voted for Clark, but this is the first thing that's gotten me really excited about it (you know, other than the general opportunity to vote W off the proverbial island.

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your wicked thoughts

I read this earlier today, and while I'm still not convinced on Clark, I agree that Moore has one of the most sensible endorsements of a candidate that I've seen so far.

these are the thoughts of Kerri on January 16, 2004 06:32 PM

I did read the last chapter. Thanks to someone to whom I really want to give a huge hug and kiss. And I get why heís endorsing him. But I canít get there. And I adore Mike. And my Bush voting Mom might even vote for him. Sheís really unhappy with Bush. In fact, a lot of the conservative right is not happy with him and might vote for someone like Clark. But. Geeeee. I listened to Clark talking about Kosovo the other day and Ö I just canít get with him.

these are the thoughts of Tish on February 1, 2004 12:38 AM

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