December 18, 2003 04:06 PM

Maybe this is because I grew up in a Navy town, but I have to say this: I love when people turn unpronounceable acronyms into words. To that end, I believe the Return of the King movie should forever be referred to as lotturrh-rottkuh.

Despite serious consideration, we opted out of Trilogy Tuesday and the midnight show, but we did cut out of the office early yesterday afternoon.

And it's clear I'm not a real, serious, geek, because I happily enjoyed the movie and don't have a lot of favorite quotes from the book that I just can't deal with not having heard or anything like that. Truth is, I've forgotten quite a bit of the books and only half-enjoyed reading them to begin with, so I'm not exactly a LOTR book fetishist. Details? I know not details.

I did, as with Two Towers, find myself surprised by just how dern much Gollum was in the story. I think I know why now, though - I skimmed those parts of the books. So I sort of anti-miss Gollum. Whiner.

Wait, there is one scene I miss. Those of you who love this scene had best know now that it didn't make it - the Aragorn/Eomer sword-leaning scene in the midst of battle? Not there. Hope it was filmed and will show up in the DVD.

But, yes, all told a really good movie. Grand, moving, and all that fun stuff. I recommend it.

[On a completely hilarious side note, I heard some Star Wars enthusiasts on NPR yesterday saying that the original Star Wars trilogy is better than LOTR because - get this - the acting is better and the characters are better developed. As if. Sometimes geeks just get out of control.]

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