more alternatives to the mall
December 1, 2003 05:39 PM

This is a continuation of Kerri's list of alternative places to shop for the holidays. Places that aren't the mall. Places that are good for you. I started to type a list to add to her site, and it just got longer and longer.

Superfantastico (paper, gifts)
WackyJac (undies, tees)
DaddyO's (retro clothes)
Novica (fairly traded gifts)
High Class Cho (clothes made by Margaret Cho)
Fat Chance Belly Dance (belly dance videos, music, costumes)
Dyke Tees (t-shirts)
Good Vibrations (sex toys)
Book Sense (independent booksellers)
Bust (magazine, other stuff)
Bitch (magazine, other stuff)
Hula Source (dance stuff)
Super Hero Designs (jewelry)
Lush (cosmetics, bath stuff)
Sparkle Craft (purses and such)

I'm sure I've missed a ton of great places. There are tons.

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your wicked thoughts

Last year I got an awesome guitar strap through Sparkle Craft, and a bracelet the year before that. Very unique items.

these are the thoughts of Kerri on December 1, 2003 08:37 PM

Hee! In scanning down the list, my brain blended together "Bust" and "Bitch," thus producing "Butch." Freud is in the air tonight...

Oh, and an additional thought - one of Cinnamon's March for Choice purses would make a great feminist Xmas present.

these are the thoughts of house9 on December 2, 2003 07:18 PM

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