email from dan the anti-abortion guy
November 26, 2003 09:51 AM

I received an email this morning from Dan. I don't know who Dan is, but he took the trouble to scan my site and send me his attempt to convert me to an anti-abortionist.

What is he thinking? Clearly Dan didn't read but so much of my site - that, or he is in fact an automated script that combs sites looking for the word "abortion". We'll presume he's actually a person.

So, he sent me the text of this anti-abortion argument from this ministry group, and being me, I couldn't just delete it.

Hi there,
I took a look at your site. Thought you might want to know the truth. :-)

You can read this all at

I pray you will open your eyes, and your heart...

Listen, Dan - my eyes and heart are already open, metaphorically speaking. And nothing angers me as much as someone who treats a matter of opinion, of personal belief, as truth.

As for those arguments? An insult to the intelligence of any pro-abortion person who encounters them. Perhaps people respond to these anti-abortion arguments with stunned silence because they're so confounded by the circles they talk? And what the hell is being "pro-choice about rape"? Huh?

My reply:

I assume you didn't read much of my site. I'm not pro-choice about abortion while anti-abortion myself. Far from it. I do believe, very strongly, that a woman has a right to end the "life" of a fetus as long as it can't survive outside her body. Period.

It may be a difficult choice for some women to end a potential life, and I respect that it's hard for them. It's a difficult choice for some people to have hysterectomies and vasectomies - again, because of the potential that's sacrificed. But all of these choices amount to legal medical procedures that not only need to remain legal but readily available to people who choose to have them for whatever reason.

I also feel a need to refute the generalizations about hesitant pro-choice folk. People who support the legal right to abortion but don't think they could decide to abort a child themselves aren't necessarily thinking "Gosh, well I believe it's killing a person who has a right to live, but I guess it's legal, so...." - For the most part, those people are troubled on the subject of whether potential life is something they feel needs to be protected or not, whether abortion amounts to killing at a certain point, when if ever a fetus is a child, etc. They're the ones who struggle with the question of when life is life, and when it's just potential. You and I, on the other hand, clearly already have our minds made up about life vs. potential. They're the ones you and I have to convince, and I think you're selling them short.

In short, I read your arguments, and - while I appreciate your efforts - there is nothing that could make me agree with you. Your arguments are not "the truth" as you call them, but simply what you believe.

If you'd like to contact Dan, I'm sure he'd be happy to hear from you.

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your wicked thoughts

I am strongly in the "pro-choice" camp, but I don't consider myself "pro-abortion" because of how I define things. For me, I'd prefer a world in which a woman never had reason to fear or regret having a child, that the child wasn't at one time considered "her problem" and yet "the hope of the world" -- in other words, that if you pop a puppy, bitch, that's your trip and we don't want to hear about it until he grows up and cures cancer. On that I say "Feh".

Until the world IS such a place where everyone is ready, willing and responsible for raising a child, then the choice MUST remain. There are good and heartbreakingly honest reasons for NOT bringing a child into this world. It isn't about eliminating abortion. It's about eliminating the NEED for abortion. That the "pro-life" camp seems to skip over and around this point makes me doubt strongly how "pro-life" they really are.

these are the thoughts of Sherri on November 26, 2003 12:44 PM

He sounds like a genius. So considerate of him to try and get us sinners to see the light. *gag*

these are the thoughts of Kerri on November 27, 2003 03:02 PM

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