weblogs aren't fucking stupid, waah
November 14, 2003 09:34 AM

I have to preface this by saying that I realize the abject pointlessness of refuting a humorous argument, but that I feel compelled by my self-importance to point out the one wild untruth contained in this Why I Hate Weblogs essay.

Note that I'm not refuting any of the rest of the essay. Thus, one can assume that I found the vast majority of the statements to be more or less true and more (not less) funny.

The wild untruth:

There are acceptable uses of weblogs? SURE! Weblogs aren't fucking stupid under the following situations/paradigms.

The 'Celebrity Figure Information' Model. This model provides an insight into the lives of persons of public interest. A model might keep a weblog of their daily routine or places they travel. A television star might comment on their personal lives or events they attend. A professional sports player might comment on games (see Expert In A Field model also) or just on how they are feeling.

Okay, okay, I know it's fucking irony. It's funny, it's funny. But it also totally misses the point of blogging communities in the first place - blogging is more often than not a way of interacting with other people in a way you don't normally do in any other context. Other ordinary people, for the most part. The ordinariness is key. Celebrity weblogs are a niche, largely read for the kitsch factorness. [Does anyone really believe Wil Wheaton has anything more interesting to say than anyone else? No; he's just another blogger. But we linked to him in droves because it's fucking funny that Wesley Crusher has a blog. And hey, we're all desperate geeks. Inside.]

Sure, it's a shallow form of interaction, but it's less shallow than most chat environments, more community-oriented than email, and more likely to open you up to wholly new things than conversations with the people you've known for years.

That, and everyone always has to wait for you to finish before they start commenting. If they don't, you can get all snitty and huff about how they clearly didn't read what you posted and they really ought to have read your entire web-published oeuvre before they even considered calling you on the inane bullshit you just unleashed upon the world.

So, the point is just this: I have very little interest in celebrity weblogs - including the blogs of those who attain their minor celebrity status largely because of their blogs. Except, perhaps, for Margaret Cho. Margaret Cho ROXXX, yo. I <3 Margaret effing Cho.

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