your weekly abortion update
November 13, 2003 04:59 PM

You've all probably heard by now about the cases that enabled a handful of doctors to continue the "partial birth abortion" procedures, and have been watching Bush's conservative judicial appointments. But if you haven't, you should read up.

Meanwhile, Cinnamon has created a "purse for choice". It's lovely, beneficial to the cause, and shocking. And true - even if not true in the way most people will think (alluding to the ever-creepy Back Alley Abortion). The majority of women who died of illegal abortions were not ones who sought the "back alley" abortionist, but ones who attempted their own abortions through various (sometimes horrid) means; the coat hanger was apparently one of many approaches.

Ick. It scares me to think how fragile abortion rights are. Everyone is so damned apologetic about this medical procedure.

And Tennessee is doing a nice job of maintaining its reputation for conservative hickdom with its new "choose life" license plate. Yes, we're all backward hicks here in the South. Sigh. For a change, my state's better (ironically, Virginia had a similar debate awhile ago, which resulted in both the possible pro-choice and pro-life plates being nixed)

Also, when I came across this dismissive article on Feminists for Life, I had to go check them out. They're pretty much the affront to my intelligence that they were advertised to be.

I don't think this has to be true. I don't think pro-lifers are inherently gooey and stupid. I don't agree with pro-life people in general, but I also don't consider it to be impossible to be a pro-life feminist. I'm just not sure what that viewpoint would mean, exactly. In any case, the only way this site could have convinced me, even at my most choice-ambivalent, that I wanted to join this group of people and sent them money, is if I had an instantaneous frontal lobotomy.

And I'd been hoping for an explanation of this perplexing point of view, feminists who think abortion is forced and anti-choice.

[A side note. Why is it that so many pro-life sites take this breezy, women's magazine approach to writing and design? The very site design denies the seriousness of the issue at hand, denies the seriousness of the visitor. Am I the only one who finds that offensive? Admittedly, the March for Choice site isn't a lot better - though it's still better than the FFL one. I am not pastels (er, and I'm in the middle of redesigning the WHB site).]

There's also a March for Choice meetup next week. As Kerri pointed out, meetup's the new trend in liberalism. Also, whether you're meeting up with real live people to plan your marching activities or not, if you're a blogger thinking about marching, check out Roni's Bloggers for Choice site.

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your wicked thoughts

I had a great aunt (whom I never met...died before I was born) who I had always heard died of a "woman's problem". It was this mystery to me growing up. Finally, fusing together bits of conversation in family gossip, I decided that she must have had an illegal abortion, since she died in either the late 60s or early 70s, and the circumstances surrounding her death.

My uncle lives in her old house, and I would always get the creeps using the bathroom where apparently she was found dead...

Not to be gruesome, but thinking of this makes me even more guarded of having the right to choose. I might not agree with the reasons for a woman having an abortion, but that is for her to deal with, and she shouldn't have to die from a botched abortion.

these are the thoughts of Kerri on November 13, 2003 10:01 PM

What I find insulting about FFL is that their major arguement is that abortion is anti-woman cause it gets men off the hook. What utter bullshit.

these are the thoughts of Roni on November 14, 2003 12:07 PM

They say that? Total crap. I didn't get far enough into their site for that to register, or I doubtless would have had even less to say in their favor (and less than nothing would be ---?).

these are the thoughts of april on November 14, 2003 01:11 PM

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