a feminine mode of creating
November 3, 2003 05:02 PM

How do you create?

By virtue of the fact that you blog, you are a writer of sorts. So, how do you experience creativity? Does it come in fits and starts? Is it sometimes overwhelmed by lifely concerns? Do you make time for it? Is it a steady flow or a trickle?

Dawn is talking about housekeeping and writing as a renaissance woman, and proposes the idea that a woman must look to other women as a model for creative work. She has a point. Historically, we assume a man has the capability to drop it all to some extent, while a woman has a thousand responsibilities to the people she supports. Given this model, it makes sense that there might be a "masculine" mode of creation (driving to completion) versus a "feminine" version (circling back around to work, through a series of other attention-drawers). Not that these modes are limited to women or men - just, one is more indicative of the feminine principle, and one of the masculine; people of both genders may express either mode.

Which is what I find to be true for myself. There are times when I am intensely prolific (c.f. the day I designed a flyer and updated my theatre company's website with a new design, then started collaging and made a painting, then went to rehearsal) and times when I squeeze in my creative work a moment at a time (c.f. my latest effort to redesign this site, which has been going on intermittently for two months). Both have value - one is more immediately productive, and one gives you time to consider options.

I think that we as a culture tend to presume all artists create in this "masculine" mode, maybe because most of our ideas of artists are based on men who very much worked the drop-it-all-and-create vibe, and we also seem to think that seriousness means intense, constant dedication to work. Well, seriousness is intense, but that doesn't necessitate constant, direct work (which is another assumption of legitimate artistry). One can, in short, be an artist in one's spare time.

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No fair. You said this better than I did! ;) Actually I thank you for saying it better than I did. And so I must now go trackback your trackback!

these are the thoughts of Dawn on November 3, 2003 05:06 PM

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