cranky bit about who is and isn't a feminist
October 7, 2003 12:03 PM

The WHB audience has been irritating me somewhat lately. No, scratch that. Actually, a couple of those people have me wanting to slap them silly.

I mean. I try to maintain a certain "yeah, I hear ya" vibe on the site that a couple of folks really aren't playing along with.

And yes, one of them is a guy - but this isn't a "man enters women's studies class and takes over with his stupidity" issue. The guy's ideas aren't stupid, they're just off-topic. And he isn't the only one whose personal agenda is overwhelming the ability to discuss actual - gasp - questions of feminism. Another of the contributors, something of a "goddess feminist", is very much pushing a "bah, men" agenda lately.

I'm worried that I've made a mistake by inviting the latter person to join our staff. But I've allowed her in partly because I hate goddess feminists, almost on principle, which strikes me as odd. And she is, in fact, a reasonable, thinking person.

Still. I don't believe that paganism and feminism are really on the same page. And a lot of pagans disagree.

So many pagans have this idealized notion of woman as peaceful and nurturing, and I think that's complete crap. A matriarchal society where women's ideas and "feminine" behavior were more valued would be no better than where we are today. Actually, I'd hazard a guess that a woman-dominated society would reverse some of the behaviors associated with masculinity and femininity (but anyone who watched the original Star Trek series might also conclude that - how many women-powered planets did they encounter where the women were the aggressors and men the nurturers?).

I believe certain types of feminists aren't really feminists at all, but I don't feel it's my position to decide who is and isn't allowed to claim the label (pockets of stupidity, pockets of stupidity). That doesn't, however, mean I have any obligation to like other sorts of feminists (not only for their contrary beliefs, but for their style), and the people on the WHB site who currently fit these categories aren't helping much with their behavior.

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Love you April!!!
I have the same feeling about the Goddess Feminists, and I really try to keep that to myself, but it is nice to hear that I'm not alone on that. Any time we raise up one gender, we are putting down the other, and not doing the equality thing.

these are the thoughts of Kerri on October 7, 2003 04:40 PM

Hi, April-

If you are uncomfortable with me, I'll be glad to leave the group.

If you'd consider it, though, I'd prefer if we could have a dialogue about it. From your post here, I don't think you really understand who I am and what I believe. I'm not some Barbie Wiccan who thinks women are perfect and men are crap. If we got to know each other, you might find we agree on more than you think.

I'll wait to hear from you before I post anymore. I truly do not want to be a source of disruption. Please, though, don't assume that you know me based on your experiences with other people. I'm too complex to put me in a category and you probably wouldn't pre-judge a person of another race or nationality would you?


these are the thoughts of Morgaine Swann on October 8, 2003 06:29 PM

Morgaine - As I pointed out in my blog post, I encouraged you to join the staff in the first place BECAUSE we disagree and BECAUSE I would like to have more understanding of feminists who share many of your opinions rather than keeping them at an irritated arm's length.

I KNOW I don't understand who you are and what you believe. Hell, I barely even know you. I may come to find you brilliant and fascinating, or I may not. The future is unpredictable. Rest assured, if I were uncomfortable with you and wanted you to leave the group, you'd be hearing from me.

That doesn't take away my right to vent on my blog, or your right to infer whatever you like from my venting. But venting is a helpful, valid practice in one's semi-public personal space. I don't pretend to be a reasoned debater in this space all - or even a fair amount of - the time.

these are the thoughts of april on October 9, 2003 09:51 AM

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