September 23, 2003 05:12 PM

So. How often does a hurricane hit this town? Pretty much never.

But yes, last week, the entire state of Virginia was pretty much bathed in it. The office closed for two point five days, my house was without power for four days, there was flooding and there were falling trees and just all sorts of craziness.

Lucky for us the power outage was really the only problem we suffered at our house. Lots of stories of things collapsed by falling trees and power lines dangling for days and days. Yikes.

And guess where I was in the midst of this hurricane? At a conference in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Right in tourist central in a city you'd expect to get more severely hit than Richmond by a big fat water storm. There was quite a bit of truly eerie flooding, but the city seemed to leap right back up.

So I was forced to weather the hurricane eating room service and drinking with my colleagues. Oh, and occasionally shopping. It was horrible.

Er, well. Maybe not so horrible.

In any case, we're pulled through. We have a collection of very interesting unspoilable groceries to eat this week, and I had to bring my own drinking water to work, but those things just feel like some small part of me is camping.

The rest of you in the Carolina-Maryland area, I hope you're all safe and sound.

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So I wrote to make sure you were OK during a black out in NYC but never thought about the hurricane in the area where you actually live. DOH!
I'm glad all's well.

these are the thoughts of Tish on October 2, 2003 06:35 PM

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