focus groups
August 19, 2003 04:55 PM

I've clearly been tagged as someone who will attend focus groups at the office.

It's a little like junk mail, but more productive. One person gets your name and invites you to a focus group. You say hey, sure. You go. And then I think they start selling your name to other focus-group starters all over the company.

How can we make the way you work better?
What information would you like to hear from us?
How can we...?
What do you think about...?

Sometimes, they even just send me requests to "attend a focus group". Not even any information about what it is. Currently I'm cranky enough about my job that anything unrelated is enough to prompt me to accept a meeting invitation, but how do they know that?

I can only include that certain people get branded as "likely focus group attendees", and the focus group gurus know this, and presume the LFGA's don't even need to know why or what - they just want to provide feedback. Suckers.

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