out there today
August 18, 2003 04:36 PM

Sometimes you need a few minutes. Or a few hours, actually. To deruffle your feathers. Today I took my feathers on a ramble through the eatonweb portal looking for something outside my sphere.

This is what I found. Rather, this is what I found and enjoyed.

Across, Beyond & Through: a Unitarian minister's thoughtful insights on spirituality, history, et al. The "scattered bits of god" piece is particularly good reading.

Deviant Savant: generally, comparing anything to an adolescent boy isn't a compliment in my book, but this inspired a very "heh, yeah, I remember" feeling.

the photo retouching site everyone keeps sending me: it's interesting.

Setting the World to Rights: their tagline "ideas have consequences" and the philosophy it represents were intellectually reassuring.

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