August 6, 2003 04:35 PM

This week Roni has a baby and Kerri wonders what we wish we knew all along.

What is something you wish you had either known or been able to do since birth? How do you think your life would be different now if you had this knowledge or ability from the get-go?

There's a whole bit about how Bean (the main character, yo) remembers being an infant because he's semi-superhuman in Ender's Shadow. I'd like that.

I don't mean being semi-superhuman, but it seems like having memory and consciousness of self from origin would be. Well, cool. And have some practical value. If you realized the implications of all the preconceived notions around you before they became your preconceived notions, you might have a sense of yourself more distinct from culture. You might not have to create that sense, I mean.

And it would be cool.

On a more serious note - what people miss from day one is personhood. American social and legal structures don't really count children as people (certainly decision-makers in any way) until they're adults. Sure, a fetus is a person when it comes to the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, but a twelve year old has no real say in how public schools work, or whether and where and how she goes to school at all. Maybe that's why kids are such vicious little creatures (socially speaking).

The only real power we grant kids is the power to seduce us with "cuteness". I think that sets up the notion of the people as powerless and the government as powerful - versus the truth: that the government is just our proxies.

Eighteen is too old to be told you might have some power after all.

So. My short answer to this question is: power. Not all the power in the world, but some power that you could see effecting the world around you as soon as you had a consciousness of it apart from yourself.

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your wicked thoughts

Awesome answer! I wasn't expecting that first part at all, but you're right. I've never seen that movie/show, and now I feel like I should.

these are the thoughts of kerri on August 7, 2003 08:05 AM

It's a book, "Ender's Shadow", a follow up to "Ender's Game", also an awesome book. My cat, Bean, is named for the Bean she talks about. My bean was found in a dumpster and was the only of her siblings to survive.

And April, kids actually have more power today than they did when I was growing up. It was truly "children should be seen and not heard." And where, as an adult, I do not think 12 year olds should have any power in determining how public school works, I do think they should have a SAY and be listened to.

these are the thoughts of Vic... on August 15, 2003 09:03 AM

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