designing for friends
July 30, 2003 02:20 PM

When I design for friends, so much of what I put into the design is really them, I feel silly taking any sort of credit.

That said, The artist formerly known as Revo and maybe now known as Subv has a new design. Which I made. And she.

Well, she didn't exactly dictate (I'm a pissy bastard who won't work like that, and she's not a blognazi). But it's really all about her. In a way, she sat for it.

I feel like a baby Dar Williams singing about her babysitter.
The play's called The Unicorn
and my babysitter is the unicorn
so that means the star is ... my babysitter.
Thank You.

Yes. Designing for people you really like is both immensely easy (thousands of ideas flood your head, or the one truly right one springs fully formed) and immensely hard (they won't tell you it's not perfect, and you want only for it to be perfect, no matter how many times you have to try).

Almost all my design work lately has been like that. I'm supposed to be on hiatus, but I can't resist the brainy kid impulse to help a friend out fixing their email, or setting up a site.

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your wicked thoughts

its true about the part where they wont tell you it isnt perfect. of course, if you're anything like me, even if it is perfect you wont be satisfied until you can make them say its not. i recently came to aquire a good design system with a friend where he basically just gave me his password and said, "do whatever and dont let me see it until its on the site." free reign. its almost worse that way.

these are the thoughts of eris on July 31, 2003 11:28 AM

Oh, but it IS perfect. Bliss.

these are the thoughts of house9 on July 31, 2003 04:39 PM

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