i think i'm onto something here
July 2, 2003 05:26 PM

I posted this theory of mine about what fat means what seems like a really long time ago, but is actually what most of you guys read last time you were here. I'm sure it sounded like a clever theory, but a theory, speculation rather than the way things actually are.

But no.

New sports store billboard (spotted in LA by a DTMWSIMB listmember):

Running sucks...being a fat slob sucks more!

At first glance, this appears to be an insult of the highest order. All fat people should be royally pissed. Either that, or they're just being cheeky (like with their sweatshop workers!), and anyone who says otherwise is just a cranky spoilsport with no sense of fun or irony.

But wait.

They're not actually talking about being fat, per se. They're talking about being "fat", meaning "bad". Meaning dissipated failure and all those other lovely implications I talked about before.

These marketing geniuses aren't asses. They're just like everyone else.

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