warning - may cause extreme confidence
May 12, 2003 05:15 PM

I've said before that I consume a lot of media primarily because I know it will anger me enough to provoke a blog post, a rant, or some more direct action.

This month's Glamour Magazine was no exception. I picked it up after a particularly mind-exhausting day thinking parts of it might be endearing, and at least I'd get a good rise out of it.

It most certainly did. Their idea of "body love" includes such topics as: swimsuits that hide "flaws", dishing celebrities stupid diets as "good" or "bad", dishing celebrities' attitudes towards their thighs, and asking men what they think of women's bodies because god forbid women be able to develop opinions about their bodies based on their own feelings in lieu of someone else's idea of what they should be.

There were, I was surprised to find, a handful of really positive articles and spreads. One emphasizing the history of curves and featuring a not-creepy model, for instance. These were balanced carefully with ads for things you "indulge" in or to "correct" you, guaranteeing that the dangerous extreme confidence hawked on the cover would materialize for no more than a few seconds.

But the overwhelming message was that of course, women agonize about every little ounce of fat on their bodies, and we could all use an occasional break of confidence in all the diet and exercise crazes. Unless you're unhealthy (meaning, actually "fat"). Then you can only love your insides.

It was more depressing for being occasionally uplifting.

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