oh, dur.
April 14, 2003 01:29 PM

I've been waiting nearly two weeks now for my former WHB host to get their act together and allow me to transfer the domain away from them.

It's frustrating, because the site's down in the interim. Or rather, it's up, but it's not functioning because I don't trust the host anymore, and I'm just waiting to be able to transfer it to its new location.

Here's where the "dur" comes in: I'm pretty sure that, given the configuration of my hosting account (split across multiple domains), I can actually set the site up to point to a location on this domain without having to do a whole lot of work to transfer it to the other domain later. I so could have taken care of this last weekend.

What I did instead will, I hope, at least amuse you somewhat - I went back into my journal archives from my old Diaryland site, and added some of my favorite entries (about 25 of a couple hundred) to my journal. So, if you're shopping for some old classics, they're the entries listed in 2000-2001.

[A note, by the way, since I recommended these guys so strongly awhile ago: do not, under any circumstance, purchase your domain through Spiderhosts. They used to have the resources to respond quickly to requests, but they don't anymore. No matter how convenient it may seem to knock out everything in one transaction, don't do it. You need to have control of your own DNS settings. Period.

Also, if you value the stability of your site, I strongly caution you against doing business with Spiderhosts at all for some time. It's a shame that the handful of low-cost, semi-professional hosts keep tanking, but they do. If you just have a few pages worth of site that can be quickly replaced and can stand being down for a day or a week, still a good deal - otherwise, forget it.]

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