April 10, 2003 07:12 PM

Eris has started up a letter-writing project that I'm a little too chicken to join: postmarked (lovely design, by the way).

See, I'd like to send eris a letter, but I respect her design skills enough that I feel the letter would have to be artistic, Griffin & Sabine-type stuff. And I'm not sure I'm cool enough for that.

I should know better, of course. A small handful of you, gentle fabulous readers, already know that I'm capable of sending multipage illuminated notes whose very envelopes are little ironic works of art. [I actually have a drawer filled with bits of letters and cards people sent me over years, including a favorite, labeled to "Medea" with the return address of "her children". You know who you are. Worse, you know I have things you wrote in high school. Or middle school. I'm not really pathetic, just after awhile things become five or ten years old, and then their value grows. Like wine.]

So, basically, I should shut up and write a letter already.

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